How Many Garage Lamps? Use this Calculator

If you buy lamps from two vendors, will they give the garage the same amount of light? Even two lamp models from the same vendor will vary in color and brightness. So long as you know a coupe of key numbers, you can easily figure how many lamps you need to light your garage.

Once you figure which lamps you want, then you need to know how many you need. Our calculator assumes an average brightness of 60 lumens per square foot. If you like it really bright, use 70 or 80 instead. Or just take the result and get one more lamp than the calcuator outputs.

This calculator is based on Sunco Utility Garage Lamps. They have 4,000 lumens.

  1. First enter the width and depths of the garage to get the area in square feet. Round up any inches. For 10 ft. 1 inch, enter 11 ft.
  2. Enter the desired lumens per square feet. Use 60 for a normal lighting outcome: not dim and not too bright.
  3. Enter the lamp’s lumens. If you’re getting the recommended Sunco Utility Garage Lamps, use the default 4,000 lumens
  4. You should round up the result. If it says to get 3.2 lamps, then get 4.

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