The Best Garage Lights

The StoreYourBoard ceiling rack holding two ladders

As you know from Don’t Get Left in the Dark: A Lighting Guide for Garages, LED are brighter and cheaper to run than old fashioned light bulbs. 5,000 K (Kelvin) is the color temperature sweet spot. And you want about 70 to 80 lumens per square foot for good task lighting.

The Sunco LED shop lights use only 40 watts, but that’s the equivalent of 260 watts in an incandescent bulb. They shine a nice white 5000 K, and give off 4,000 lumens of brightness.

The Sunco lights hang from the ceiling, so they cast light throughout the garage. They’re Energy-Star certified. The Sunco lights do not flicker, and they instantly come on when powered.

One of my favorite features is that you can daisy chain the lamps together. Plug on into the outlet. The rest of the lamps plug into each other, in a chain. The Sunco garage lamps come with an impressive 7-year warranty.

Click here for instructions to calculate the number of lamps you want for your garage. But if you’d like an easier rule of thumb… here are a few examples to help you decide. We’re calculating for 60 lumens per square foot. Each Sunco lamp is 4,000 lumens.

Use THREE Lamps to Light a 10 ft. x 20 ft. Garage

  • A very small garage of 10 x 20 ft.  (200 sf) needs 200 sf x 60 lumens, or 12,000 total lumens
  • 1,200 lumens / 4,000 per lamp = three lamps
  • Get three Sunco lamps for a 10 x 20 ft. garage

Use SIX Lamps to Light a 20 ft. x 20 ft. Garage

  • A moderate garage of 20 x 20 ft (400 sf) needs 400 sf x 60 lumens, or 24,000 total  lumens
  • 24,000 lumens / 4,000 per lamp = six lamps
  • Get six Sunco Lamps for a 20 x 20 ft. garage
Sunco Garage Lights
Sunco Garage Lights

Use TEN Lamps to Light a 26 ft. x 26 ft. Garage

  • A large garage of 26 x 26 ft. (676 sf) needs 676 sf x 60 lumens, or 40,560 total lumens
  • 40,560 lumens / 4,000 per lamp = 10.14 lamps
  • Get 10 or 11 Sunco Lamps for a 26 x 26 ft. garage

How to Buy Sunco Garage Lamps

Sunco garage lamps are available here  (these links go to Amazon) in: