The Best Garage Lights

I was not onboard with this whole LED thing until I did some research. LEDs are brighter and way cheaper than incandescents and fluorescents. I found a highly-rated LED garage lamp that lasts longer and costs less than any old fashioned type of lighting..

Sunco shop lights are just about perfect LED lights for the garage. They use only 40 watts, but they give off the brightness of a 260 watt incandescent bulb. They shine at 5,000 K, in the sweet spot color between yellow and blue. These units put out 4,000 lumens of brightness. See below to calculate how many lights you need for your garage’s dimensions.

If you’re not sure how many you need, skip below to the calculation. It boils down to about 3 units per 200 sf. of garage area.

Sunco Garage Lights

Update: Use the Lamp Quantity Calculator

Update! Use our lamp quantity calculator to determine how many lamps to buy for your garage. Access the lamp calculator here.

Why Sunco Utility Shop Light is the Best

The Sunco Utility lamps are my favorite garage light choice. They are not hard wired, so they do not require an electrician to install them. To install, screw the included hooks into the rafters, then put the lamp chains through the hooks.. These lamps are linkable. With the “daisy chain” technology, you plug one lamp into the wall outlet. You plug the rest of the lamps into each other. This is a hugely superior solution to plugging all 12 lamps into the wall.

They Sunco lamps come in 5,000 K, which is right where yellow meets blue on the color scale. The units are Energy Star and only 40 watts, so they don’t suck the life out of your electric bill if you forget to turn them off. They have an amazing reputation, a 7 year warranty, and the company is based in the U.S.

Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain

Get the 5,000 K Sunco Garage Lamps

Pay attention to the color (Kelvin, or K) when you buy your garage lamps. Some packages offer 4,000 K or 6,000 K varieties, along with the 5,000 K version. 5,000 K is the most popular garage color, and the one that you can consistently find across the Sunco models. For example, in the two-pack, you can buy either a 5,000 K or a 6,000 K. Let’s say you buy the 6,000 K, then realize you want one more light. The one-lamp package only comes in 5,000 K. Not the end of the world, but you will notice a difference in the room’s color.

Muscle and sports car garage
Get some lights in there!

Get the Utility Shop Light Model

All the lamps look alike on Sunco’s Amazon page. I got lost when writing this article, and I realized that you might too. The page I was reading had different specifications, and I first I didn’t understand why. Sunco sells a variety of lights that all look alike. That’s when I saw that Sunco sells three varieties of their garage light. The differences are in the way they disperse the light, and the wiring. The Sunco garage light with the best reputation is the “Utility Shop Light,” which looks like this:

  • LED Utility Shop Light
  • 4 FT
  • Linkable Integrated Fixture
  • 40W=260W
  • 6000K Daylight Deluxe
  • Frosted Lens
  • Surface and Suspension Mount
  • Pull Chain
  • ETL & Energy Star

How Many Lamps do You Need for Your Garage?

How many lamps you need depends on the “lumens” each lamp puts out, and the size of your garage. Look below to see examples of how many lights you need. I am basing this info on 60 lumens per square foot. That illuminates everything, but is not super bright. If you know you want it bright, calculate your answer, then add one or two units to your order. Update: Use the calculator! Opens in new window, click here

The Formula for How to Calculate the Number of Lamps You Need

To calculate how many lamps you need, you do the following steps. Our article Don’t Get Left In the Dark! A Lighting Guide For Garages gives you a lighting calculator. The formula to calculate the number of lamps you need assumes you want 60 lumens per square foot.

  1. Get the Area: Multiply the garage length by the width
  2. Get the Total Lumens per Area: Multipy the area by 60 lumens. If you want brighter, multiply it by 70 or 80 lumens.
  3. Get the Number of Lamps You Need: The Sunco puts off 4,000 lumens. Divide the Lumens per Area by 4,000

Let’s look at some examples.

Calculate How Many Lamps to Light a 10 ft. x 20 ft. Garage

  1. Area = 10 ft. x 20 ft. = 200 ft.
  2. Lumens per Area = 200 x 60 = 12,000 lumens
  3. Sunco Lamps Required = 12,000 / 4,000 = 3 lamps

Calculate How Many Lamps to Light a 20 ft. x 20 ft. Garage

  1. Area = 20 ft. x 20 ft. = 400 ft.
  2. Lumens per Area = 400 x 60 = 24,000 lumens
  3. Sunco Lamps Required = 24,000 / 4,000 = 6 lamps

Calculate How Many Lamps to Light a 26 ft. x 26 ft. Garage

  1. Area = 26 ft. x 26 ft. = 676 ft.
  2. Lumens per Area = 400 x 60 = 40,560 lumens
  3. Sunco Lamps Required = 24,000 / 4,000 = 10.14 (11) lamps

How to Buy Sunco Garage Lamps

Sunco garage lamps are available here  (these links go to Amazon):