57 of the Coolest Garage Art Ideas

57 of the Coolest Garage Art Ideas

Need some inspiration for your garage makeover? Here are some of the coolest garage art examples we've found. Enjoy!
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Bare Bulb

Don’t Get Left In the Dark! A Lighting Guide For Garages

So why should you change your garage lighting? Aside from just being bad lighting, the regular incandescent bulb you might still have is very inefficient. For the same energy cost, you could get something really worthwhile that will make it possible...
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Store Awkward Items as Easy as Gene Kelley's Dancing

Elegant Ways to Store Awkward Garage Items

So how do you store awkward garage items such as kayaks, skis, and fishing poles? What's the best way to store long, heavy and awkward items like bikes, snowboards and shovels? Use a ceiling rack to store canoes and kayaks, but make sure they're hull-side down...
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Get stuff off the floor

How To Organize the Garage Without Making the Family Hate You

So is it possible for the garage-cleaning adult to get cooperation from the family? Can't we all just clean the garage together? Yes, you should ask for family cooperation, but...
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Our home with our new steel garage doors

8 Items All Garage Door Buyers Must Consider Before Buying

How much do new garage doors cost? Should you repair or replace? Which door material is best? Which has the best insulation? What is the best garage door spring?
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Well organized tools hanging from wall

Can I “Marie Kondo” My Garage?

Clearing way unwanted items is a great start. You’ve probably done it before and felt the benefits. A simple and clutter-free environment is one where peace of mind can exist. It will give you the mental as well as physical space for planning and...
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Can I Grow a Garden in My Garage?

Can I Grow a Garden in My Garage?

You can convert your entire garage into a garden, or allocate part of the garage using a grow tent or vertical aquaponics.
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Shiny Garage Floor

Things You Can Do to Make Your Garage Better in 2019

Create a smart garage, a beautiful garage and a functional garage in 2019.
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109 Amazing Garage Floor Tile Designs

109 Amazing Garage Floor Tile Designs

View 109 beautiful examples showing off stunning Swisstrax, Racedeck, Block Tile and Incstore garage floor tile installations.
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Very wide concrete crack

Don’t Fix Your Garage Floor Until You Read This

For most cracks and damage, you will clean out the damaged area, making sure it is free from oils dust and debris, and then fill it with the appropriate repair material. Diagnose the issue first. Do-it-yourself repairs won't last if there is an underlying structural problem.
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Using an angle grinder on a concrete low spot

How Do You Fix Low Spots in Concrete?

Use a de-greaser to remove oil from the surface. Use a wire brush, or a grinder or an acid-substitute, to prepare the concrete. For large areas use a floor buffer with a grinding attachment. Vacuum up loose material. Trowel a patch kit onto the surface.
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Concrete spalling

How Do You Fix Garage Floor Spalling and Pitting?

How do you fix concrete garage floor spalling and pitting? Test for and remove weakened adjacent areas; clean and prepare the surface to be repaired; and patch the area with an epoxy-based topping. Before fixing the problem, though, check for serious moisture or structural issues that would require professional help to fix.
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Wide garage floor crack

How Do You Fix Garage Floor Cracks?

Depending on the crack size and quantity, use a wire brush, chisel or an angle grinder with a crack chasing wheel to loose and break off nearby or loose concrete. Vacuum away all concrete debris. Fill the crack with epoxy based concrete crack filler.
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Move the shed from the garage to generator shed enclosure

Move the Generator from the Garage to a Generator Shed

Learn how to store a generator so that it doesn't take up garage space; doesn't get exposed to rain and snow; and isn't wicked loud.
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Installed VacMaster VWM510

Unboxing the VacMaster VWM510 Vacuum Cleaner

Is the VWM510 as good a vacuum cleaner as my research led me to believe? The unboxing, assembly and installation were incredibly easy. The on-board accessory storage is clever. The machine hangs neatly on the wall, but I can also use the wheels. I have 21 ft. of cord (which might be shorter than I thought) and a remote on-off switch.
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SmartGARAGE Reflective non-fiberglass garage door insulation kit

Should You Insulate the Garage Door? Read This Before You Do

Should you insulate your garage door? Yes, if you first seal any air gaps, and analyze other garage areas, including the walls, windows, ceilings and floor.
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Garage vacuum competitors

What is the Absolute Best Garage Vacuum Cleaner (2018-2019)

I wanted know, is there a vacuum cleaner out there than can beat the VacMaster VWM510? I compared the VacMaster to a Bissell, a Stanley, a GarageVac, a DeWalt, a VacuMaid, a Hoover, four Shop-Vacs, two Workshops and two Ridgids. I narrowed it down to four machines...
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The Best VacMaster Garage Vacuum Cleaner

The Best VacMaster Vacuum Cleaner for Your Garage

VacMaster makes some really cost-effective, powerful and highly-rated vacuum cleaners. I scored each one on eight factors I have to have in a garage vacuum cleaner. The winner achieved an almost perfect...
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Hanging 4 bikes

What is the Best Way to Store My Family’s Bicycles?

The best family bike storage depends on your kids' ages. You can use kickstands, floor stands, wall racks, pulleys, elevators, covers or a shed. Kickstands work best for the smaller kids. But kickstands won't work if ...
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Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System

A Complete Guide to the RubberMaid FastTrack Storage System

The Rubbermaid FastTrack rail storage system excels at storing bikes, brooms, nuts, bolts, scooters, toys, baseball bats, and soccer balls. The one thing you might not want to use it for is...
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Tractor shed

14 Ways to Store Your Lawn Tractor / Mower or Blower

Garages haven’t necessarily gotten bigger but cars have. So let’s talk about all the ways you can store your lawn mower, tractor and/or snow...
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Racedeck black and white checkerboard floor covering

I Will Never Epoxy My Garage Floor (What I Will Do Instead)

I would need to hire a professional if I wanted to epoxy my garage floor. Epoxy is difficult to apply and maintain. I can get a durable, strong garage floor with plastic tiles. I'm choosing the tile based on ...
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Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

11 Wall-Mounted Garage Vacuum Facts You Need to Know Before Buying

Some garage wall-mounted vacuums are also wet vacs. Some act as blowers as well as vacuums. Some have long cords and some have short cords. The one thing a garage wall-mounted vacuum must have is...
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Storing a gas can in the garage

What’s the Best Way to Store Hazardous and Flammable Materials in Your Garage?

The best way to store hazardous materials is in your attached garage and not in the house. A shed would be best, but this is not realistic for individuals that don’t have room for one.  The next best thing is a fireproof cabinet that is ventilated and preferably locked. Store chemicals in their original containers with warning...
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Proslat wall tools

What Can I Store On a Proslat Wall System? (with Pictures)

The Proslat garage slatwall (slat wall) is good at hanging garage items. Use it to store bicycles, power tools and small hardware. Proslat's cabinets are better than Gladiator's. Thus, Proslat beats Gladiator for storing pesticides. But, be careful...
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Four garage wall ladders on hooks

How Do I Store a Ladder in the Garage?

You can use hooks to hang the ladder on the wall or the ceiling. You can use a pulley system to lift and to lower your ladder. Just don't use...
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Hose hanging on a hook

3 Weights You Need to Store Garden Hoses on the Garage Wall

Weigh your hose and cart before hanging them on a garage wall. Hoses can be heavy, especially if there's...
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Does kitty litter clean oil stains?

Does Kitty Litter Really Clean Oil Stains?

Kitty litter can be an effective and cheap solution to oil stains especially if they are new. For more stubborn stains like those that have been there for years and stains that are not oil there are better...
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3 bin PPE storage

One Weird But Really Effective Way to Store Safety Equipment

Use the Akro-Mils TiltView storage system to cleanly and conveniently store safety equipment in your garage.
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should I paint my garage floor?

Should I Paint my Garage Floor?

You might consider painting or protecting your garage floor in some way. It adds to its durability, makes it easier to clean and generally brightens up the place. Literally.  But painting is messy and the prep work is difficult and if you don’t do it right the results can be...
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Portable sportsball locker

Sports Ball Garage Organizers that Fix Wasted Space

Where to store sports balls in the garage? Bags are portable, cages are secure, and butlers are ...
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Fleximounts Ceiling Storage Rack

How Much Weight Can I Hang From My Garage Ceiling?

Regular garage ceiling joists of modern construction can generally support 50lb/sqft. If you have trusses or your joists are supporting more than just sheetrock or your garage is older this number could be significantly...
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Wall Control Steel Pegboard Tool Organization

Are Fiberboard Pegboards Unsafe? Is Steel a Better Choice?

Is the formaldehyde in a garage storage pegboard dangerous to breathe? Yes, but only if the board is cut or deteriorating, exposing you to ...
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Rhino Garage Shelf 8 ft. x 20 in.

How Much Weight Can a Garage Shelf Hold?

The average garage shelving system can hold anywhere from a hundred or so pounds to almost a thousand. There are units that hang from the ceiling, screw into the wall or just stand on the floor, so there are a lot of options depending on...
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