These NewAge Garage Cabinets Will Make You Feel Like a Confident Homeowner

As I looked at the NewAge Garage Cabinet reviews posted on Google and Amazon, I realized that we’ve officially entered a new garage cabinet age. While there are many good brands out there, none has made the marketplace go WOW the way NewAge has. These are the garage cabinets that will make you feel like you know exactly what you’re doing with your garage.

NewAge Products is raising the bar on garage cabinet quality. Customers are doing happy dances over the quality, engineering and features. You will regret buying your cabinets if you don’t compare your choices to the NewAge Base, Wall and Locker garage cabinet choices. Here are 14 reasons you need to include NewAge in your garage cabinet search.

NewAge 12 piece cabinet workshop
NewAge 12 piece cabinet workshop

1. NewAge Garage Cabinet Quality

NewAge garage cabinets are some of the best garage cabinets you can buy today. The Bold series is at the higher end of what you’d find in a Big Box store. The Pro series is what you’d expect to see at a car dealership or professional garage.

I looked at reviews posted on Amazon, Google, and the NewAge website. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers comment most on the built quality, with remarks such as “These are amazingly well-built cabinets.” The biggest complaints concern shipping and professional installation problems.

2. NewAge Garage Storage Solutions

NewAge 12 piece cabinet
NewAge 12 piece cabinet

Storage solutions can be addicting, but in a good way. Getting clutter off the garage floor is the whole point of rebooting your garage. Once it’s off the floor, you can park your cars inside the garage again.

So you might be thinking you’re only getting one or two cabinets, but for the sake of your future sanity, let’s think this through.

Most garage cabinet solutions offer base and wall cabinets. Just choose material and dimensions if all you really need is a garage cabinet. If you have an organization problem, then you need more than a cabinet. You need a garage storage solution.

A “garage storage solution” allows you to buy cabinets now, but add on to your storage capacity either now or down the road. That’s why I like the NewAge product line. They offer cabinets, tool storage and outdoor living products that all work together.

3. How to Assemble NewAge Garage Cabinets

Installed NewAge 12 piece cabinet
Installed NewAge 12 piece cabinet
Installed NewAge 12 piece wall cabinets
Installed NewAge 12 piece wall cabinets

The cabinets come assembled. The frames are welded at the factory, so you don’t need to piece them together IKEA-style. You add the leveling legs or casters, as well as the closet rod and shelves. Depending on the unit, you might install the top as well.

The good news is that NewAge cabinets come assembled. This is how you get strong frames you don’t see in DIY cabinets. The bad news is that this makes the cabinets very heavy. To assemble a NewAge Pro or Bold garage cabinet, you need two people to lift it into its spot in the garage.

The exception is if you buy the Bold series with casters. Then you can roll the furniture into place. Place the wheels in the sockets, right the cabinet up, and push away. Taller cabinets are inherently less stable during travel, so you might enlist stabilization help when pushing an 84 in. high locker.

  • Adjustable Legs: Use a screwdriver to install 16 screws into the feet
  • Casters: Remove the shelves, turn the box upside down, and secure the casters with the 16 hex bolts, 16 washers, and 32 washers
  • Drawers: The drawers slide into place without need of any hardware or tools
  • Stacking Cabinets: Secure the bottom and top through punch holes at the top of the bottom cabinet, and the floor of the top cabinet. Use a wrench to secure base and wall cabinet combination using four hex bolts, four lock nuts and eight washers.
  • Shelves: The cabinet interiors contain multiple slots to hang the shelves. Choose the location of each shelf based on the height of what you’re storing. Insert the shelf into the cabinet above the slots, and then lower the edges into place so that the shelf ends slip into the cabinet slots. The shelves clip into place when correctly anchored.

4. NewAge Garage Corner Cabinets

The Pro series includes corner cabinets. These are two floor cabinets connected by a common work surface top. You will need a drill with a socket attachment to secure the support brackets to the top, and then secure the top to the cabinets.

5. How to Secure the Cabinets

Install the wall cabinets into studs, masonry, or high load-capacity slatwall. Technically you can install them into drywall, but please don’t. It just not safe enough for cabinets that can hold 1,000 lb. For studs, you’ll need a stud finder, level, Phillips drill bit and a drill (or screwdriver). For masonry you’ll need a level, Phillips drill bit, a drill, and either Tapon concrete anchors or screws with 3/16 in. masonry plugs. These are not included with the cabinets.

6. NewAge Garage Cabinets Bold vs. Pro

The Bold and Pro series both come in four color choices. Both models have lockable cabinets, height-adjustable leveling legs, and integrated cable management.

NewAge Bold cabinets are compact and take less space than the Pro line cabinets. “Bold” cabinets have a durable paint finish, welded steel frames, and regular-close hardware.

NewAge Pro cabinets are deeper and wider than the Bold models. “Pro” cabinets have an industrial paint finish, heavy-duty welded steel frames, and the doors have soft-close hardware.

Get the Pro cabinets for any of these features below:

  • set of four heavy-duty casters
  • corner cabinets
  • extended cabinets
  • project centers
  • rolling tools
  • sink cabinets
  • tall wall cabinets
  • integrated light fixtures
  • closet rod with hooks
  • tool drawer inserts
  • utility carts
  • workbenches

7. What is a Garage Locker?

A locker combines the advantages of a base cabinet and a wall cabinet in one storage unit. Since you’re buying one unit instead of two (base and wall), you’re getting the same storage for less money. Lockers sit on the floor and you can bolt them to the wall for stability.

The NewAge Pro 36 in. wide locker can carry 1,000 lb. of storage. You can move the steel shelves within the cabinet to accommodate different height items. You can use this locker as a clothes closet as the closet rod with peg hooks is included.

NewAge suggests using the 36 in. locker to store large items such as garden soil and golf clubs. This gives you an idea of how the storage locker’s massive capacity. The secret is in the depth, which is a full two feet from door to back wall. The other secret we already discussed, which is the massive load capacity of this locker at 1,000 lb.

8. NewAge Garage Cabinet Casters

Both Bold and Pro NewAge cabinets come with adjustable legs. You can set these to individual heights to even out any garage floor unevenness. But if you want to roll your cabinets around the garage, then get the Pro series. With Pro, you can get extra casters with heavy-duty hardware that holds up to 1000 pounds per set of four wheels.

9. NewAge Garage Cabinet Dimensions

When planning your garage cabinet space, remember to add the cabinet DOOR WIDTH to the cabinet depth. When you open a cabinet door, that door’s width adds to the depth the cabinet requires. Add the cabinet door width to that depth to get the total space the box takes up.

I pulled some typical dimensions from the NewAge garage cabinet literature to show you some possibilities:

  • the Bold Multi-Use Locker is 42 W x 18 D x 72 H in.
  • the Bold 2-Door Base Cabinet is 24 W x 16 D x 32.25 H
  • the Pro Multi-Use Locker is 36 W x 24 D x 80 H in.
  • the Pro Sports Locker is 15 W x 24 D x 83.25 H in.
  • the Pro Mobile Locker is 15 W x 24 D x 83.25 H in.
  • the Pro 42 in. Base Cabinet is 42 W x 22 D x 37.5 H in.
  • the Pro Wall Cabinet is 28 W x 14 D x 22 H in.
  • the Pro 42 in. Wall Cabinet is 42 W x 14 D x 23.5 H in.
  • the Pro 5-Drawer Mobile Tool Cabinet is 28 W x 22 D x 37.5 H in.

10. NewAge Garage Cabinet Extra Shelves

You can buy extra shelves for the garage cabinets that come with adjustable shelves. These include the Lockers, Base Cabinets and Wall Cabinets. See the lists below for the exact shelf offerings.

The Bold Series includes the following shelf arrangements:

  • 30, 36, 42 and 48 in. wide Multi-Use Locker: three shelves adjustable in 8-inch increments
  • 2-Door Base Cabinet: one shelf adjustable in 6-inch increments
  • Rolling Tool Cabinet: Does not include a shelf
  • Project Center: one shelf in cabinet is adjustable in 6-inch increments
  • 24 and 36 in. wide wall cabinets do not include shelves.
  • corner wall cabinet does not include shelves
  • 72 in. Wall Mounted Rack: two adjustable shelves and two fixed shelves (including top as shelf)
  • Integrated Display Shelves: two fixed shelves

The Pro Series includes these shelf arrangements:

  • 36, 42 and 48 in. wide Multi-Use Locker: four shelves adjustable in 1-inch increments
  • Sports Locker: four shelves adjustable in 1-inch increments
  • Mobile Locker: two shelves adjustable in 1-inch increments
  • 28 and 42 in. Tool Cabinets do not include a shelf
  • 28 and 42 in. wide Base Cabinet: pull-out shelf positioned in the middle
  • Utility Cart has an adjustable shelf
  • Multifunction Cabinet does not include a shelf
  • Sink Cabinet: two shelves adjustable in 1-inch increments
  • 28 and 42 in. wide Wall Cabinet: one shelf adjustable in 1-inch increments
  • Corner Wall Cabinet: one fixed shelf
  • Tall Wall Cabinet: one shelf adjustable in 1-inch increments
  • 72 in. Wall Mounted Rack: three adjustable shelves and two fixed shelves (including top as shelf)
  • Integrated Display Shelves: two fixed shelves

11. NewAge Garage Cabinet Lights

You can order lights designed for the NewAge Cabinets. Get the lights with your cabinet order, or you can wait to get the lights after you install your cabinets. The installation process is the same either way. The NewAge cabinet lights are 2700K (Kelvin), which is a warm white. The lights install with a magnetic strip you attach to the light back. Up to four lights can daisy chain off one power connection.

12. Where are NewAge Garage Cabinets Made?

NewAge is located in Ontario. The company has distribution and logistical offices in California and Mumbai. NewAge manufacturers garage cabinets in Ontario, Canada.

13. How to Get the Best Price on NewAge Garage Cabinets

Easily the best place to get NewAge Cabinets is the Garage Organization online store. You will get knowledgeable sales people who sell the best garage products and know how the NewAge products fit together. Go to the NewAge Cabinet Review page for links and information here.

14. NewAge Garage Cabinets Reviews

You’ve got to check out this video to see a real homeowner showing off his NewAge garage cabinet installation:  NewAge Pro 3.0 Cabinet Review – My thoughts after 6 months!

NewAge Cabinet Shipping Reviews

“I’ve never seen a better packed piece of furniture than this,” says one happy NewAge garage cabinet owner. “Excellent package for shipping,” and “Fast shipping” were common sentiments found amongst hundreds of cabinet reviews.

On the downside, customers complained of late deliveries and occasionally of shipping damage to their cabinets. On the damage, most said customer service was more than helpful making things right. One buyer was clearly unhappy about shipping damage to the corner of one cabinet. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful Amazon, NewAge, and Garage Organization Store can be. You need only send a photograph or two of the damage to get complete replacements for damaged items.

NewAge Garage Cabinet Quality Reviews

The most common compliments are “sturdy,” “durable,” and “beautiful.”

“Kudos to the operations people at this company,” says a customer. “They are beyond what I expected, very sturdy, nice looking,” says another. “Better than my wildest expectations,” “Great appearance,” and “Sharp looking cabinets” said other happy customers.

NewAge Garage Cabinet Assembly Reviews

“Definitely a 2 person job to assemble,” said the buyer of a Bold Series 10-piece cabinet set.

On the other hand, another customer said, “I love how easy it was to put them together.” And another fan said, “They came assembled except for adjusting the legs. I love them!”

Install wall cabinets and fast base cabints into garage wall studs. This task is much easier to do for base than for wall cabinets, and wall cabinets are easier to install than the Wall Mounted Rack and the Integrated Display Shelves. Look at both the WEIGHT and the WIDTH of your cabinets to plan whether you need assistance installing them.