The Best Way to Start-Off Your Rubbermaid FastTrack Storage

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FastTrack Tool Hanging Kit
FastTrack Tool Hanging Kit

The Rubbermaid FastTrack storage system is one of the best garage wall organization products you can buy. As with any organization system, you need to understand the big picture before picking out the pieces you want to purchase.

Here’s a shortcut to understanding the FastTrack system so that you buy the right components for your storage needs. All links below go to Amazon unless marked otherwise.

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Rubbermaid FastTrack Tool Hanging Kit

Start Small with the FastTrack Tool Hanging Kit

You can start small, to see how you like the FastTrack system.

A great way to begin  is to get the FastTrack Tool Hanging kit.

It comes with everything you need to start organizing right away.

  • You’ll install the tracks into the wall
  • Then the hooks go wherever you want
  • When you want to move them, you flip them off and lock them into a new spot.

Rubermaid offers a kit specifically for hanging your garage tools.

The kit has six pieces:

  • two rails for a total of 64 in. (5 ft. 4 in.) hanging space
  • a power tool holder hook
  • a utility hook
  • a multi-purpose hook
  • a 2-hand S hook
FastTrack Power Tool Holder Hook
FastTrack Power Tool Holder Hook
FastTrack Power Tool Hook
The FastTrack Power Tool Hook on one of the 32 in. wide rails
FastTrack Multi-Purpose Hook
FastTrack Multi-Purpose Hook
FastTrack 2-Handle S Hook
FastTrack 2-Handle S Hook
FastTrack Utility Hook
FastTrack Utility Hook

These hooks are useful for hanging power tools, brooms, squeeges, tool packs,  extension cords, and weed trimmers.

You can use them for sports and cleaning equipment as well.

Buy the Tool Hanging kit as an easy way to get started with the Rubbermaid FastTrack organization system.

I just wanted to make sure you understood the hooks you get with this kit. Here are their Amazon links:

You get everything you need in one package. Once you know you like the system, you can buy more pieces.

Buy the FastTrack Tool Hanging Kit here:
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