The Best Ladder Storage Ceiling Rack

Storing the ladder on a ceiling rack is a perfect idea, so long as you have a step ladder to get it down. You can hang the step ladder on a wall hook, and put the bigger ladder away and out of sight in the ceiling rack.

The StoreYourBoard ceiling rack holding two ladders
The Store Your Board Hi-Port Overhead Mount ceiling rack holding two ladders

My favorite ceiling rack for this job  is the Store Your Board Hi-Port Ceiling Rack. It’s easy to install, it’s a simple design. You can use the Hi-Port to store two ladders up to 30 inches and 75 lb. per each.

For instance, a Louisville 32 ft.  compacts down to 29 ft. long when in storage mode. This ladder weighs 59 lb., and is only 18 inches wide. The 18 inch width easily fits in the 30 inch rack. The 75 lb. capacity has no problem carrying the 59 lb. ladder.


32 ft. Louisville Ladder
This 32 ft. long Louisville Ladderis 18 inches wide and weighs 59 lb. The Hi Port can store two of these ladders.

How to Buy the Store Your Board Ladder Ceiling  Rack

Just remember that you need a step ladder to get your longer ladder down from the ceiling. Store up to 75 lb. per side on the Store Your Board ceiling rack. This rack is also a great solution for storing kayaks and other long items. Go to Amazon to view the ceiling rack, and here is a link for the Louisville ladder as well.

View the Ceiling Rack

View the 32 Ft. Ladder