Carpeting mat feels good, reduces noise, and stops sand

Are Garage Mats Worth It?

Garage mats are worth the investment. In fact, they have the highest return on investment of any garage floor covering. Mats prevent ice, salt, snow, water, oil and grease damage to the garage floor. The better question might be, "Which garage mat should I get?"
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Fix the crack before epoxying

How Do You Fix Garage Floor Cracks?

Clean small cracks with a wire brush, a hammer and a cold chisel. Prepare a larger crack using an angle grinder with a crack chasing wheel. Vacuum away the debris. Fill small cracks with RTG Crack Filler. Fill medium cracks with EpoxyShield Patch & Repair. Fill large cracks with Epoxy
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You can add a yoga mat to a hard floor or get a rubber floor or carpet for yoga.

Don’t Buy Garage Gym Flooring Until You Read This

Rubber is the best garage gym flooring for machines and resistance training. It resists tears and provides cushioning. Vinyl tile is the best garage gym flooring for yoga. It provides the same traction as the wood floor at a yoga studio without cushion to throw you off balance. Vinyl is
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This GarageTrac tile floor is really nice for the price

Best PVC Garage Floor Tile

I'd prefer my garage floor concrete not commit suicide by sucking in the winter salt and snow. To protect it, I will put down a PVC floor tile specifically made for garage floors. I found several really good brands, so choosing the "best garage floor tile" was just a matter
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Concrete expansion joint

Protect the Concrete Garage Floor with a Densifying Sealer

I recommend Lithi-Tek 4500 because it merges the qualities of both a densifier and sealer in one easy to apply product. It also doesn’t change the look of your garage floor and leaves the floor as paintable as it was before you started. 
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Garage Floor Tiles

Improve the Garage Floor

Discover cool garage advertisements, neon signs, art, lamps and complete re-designs for your garage.
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The Best Garage Floor Mats

The Best Garage Floor Mats

The best garage floor mats are the AutoFloorGuard, the Resilia and the Drymate. Two are better for studded snow tires. One is best for containing snow melt.
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Repair My Garage

The Best Garage Floor Repair Products

These are the products we recommend for prepping, repairing, protecting and, enhancing your garage floor.
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Garage floor tile

109 Amazing Garage Floor Tile Designs

View 109 beautiful examples showing off stunning Swisstrax, Racedeck, Block Tile and Incstore garage floor tile installations.
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Don't Fix Your Garage Floor Until You Read This

Don’t Fix Your Garage Floor Until You Read This

Concrete cracks are easy to repair so long as they're not structural. Spalling is the pockmarks that come from freezing and thawing. Aging causes pitting, which looks like spalling but with deeper holes. Salt moving through water to the concrete surface causes laitance and efflorescence. While both are usually harmless,
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