Bicycle floor stand

Garage Security: A Common Sense Guide

Garage tools, lawn equipment and bicycles are the first to go when thieves rob your garage. Reinforcing garage windows and doors can prevent unlawful entry. Use locks, barriers, and some psychological tools to keep thieves away.
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Garage tool organization

Organizing Your Tools: The Comprehensive Guide

The secret to tool organization is accessibility. If the tool is hard to find or to put away, then everything will get messy again. Instead of organizing tools by function, think about how often you use them. The tools you use most often should be the easiest to retrieve and
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Kooteny steel and wood carport

Carports: The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners

A carport protects the car from snow and rain, but not freezing temperatures and dust storms. It protects your vehicles better than nothing at all, but not as much as a garage. In this guide, we will cover carport types, materials, benefits, and steps to build one yourself.
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Tools hanging on a pegboard

How to Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

"Discover the secrets to making the most of your garage space. Learn from experts and transform your cluttered garage into a well-organized haven. Read now!"
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A cylindrical metal heater with a wide bottom, made of metal

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Garage Heater

Radiant heat feels the warmest because it warms the person rather than the air. Forced air feels good but wastes energy on heating air that quickly gets cold again. Convection heat feels good so long as it's close to your body. Electric heat is expensive to run but requires no
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Burgundy awning on white background with square edges

How to Choose the Right Garage Awning 

Wind and snow are hard on fabric awnings. It's not reasonable to assume you'll take the awning down for every possible wind gust and snowstorm. You have two choices to beat this weather issue. Get a wind sensor that auto-retracts the fabric, or get a heavy-duty acrylic fixed awning.
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Four black plastic garage storage bins with bright yellow lids, stacked two high

Awesome Garage Bins for Decorations, Recycling and Tools

Clear plastic bins with latching lids are best for wrapping paper. A sturdy box with separators is best for Christmas ornaments. Find the largest plastic garbage bins with wheels, but only as large as you can find matching liners. If you can't find the bags, don't get that size garbage
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A man standing in front of a Ford pickup truck parked inside a ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box

ShelterLogic Garage in a Box: Everything You Need to Know

A "garage in a box" is a pre-fabricated garage that can be assembled quickly and easily. The ShelterLogic Garage in a Box is made of heavy-duty steel frames and waterproof fabric covers. It is designed to protect your vehicles from the elements, and it can be used for storage. The
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Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate floor

Is Rubber Roll Out Flooring a Good Garage Floor Covering?

If you're looking for a durable, safe, and easy-to-maintain garage flooring option, rubber rolls are the way to go. Made of natural or synthetic rubber, these rolls can withstand heavy traffic and provide a slip-resistant surface. They're also easy to clean and require little maintenance. In this blog post, we'll
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EPS Garage Door Boards

Is Batt or Rigid Foam a Better Choice for Garage Insulation?

Batt insulation is superior to rigid foam board on several metrics. Although it appears to cost more than foam board insulation, it has a higher R-value. Dollar for dollar, you get more insulation from batt insulation than from foam board.
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