Garage tool organization

Organizing Your Tools: The Comprehensive Guide

The secret to tool organization is accessibility. If the tool is hard to find or to put away, then everything will get messy again. Instead of organizing tools by function, think about how often you use them. The tools you use most often should be the easiest to retrieve and
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16 piece garage cabinet set

NewAge: The Best Garage Cabinets of 2023

NewAge Products offers the highest quality cabinets for mid (Bold Series) and high (Pro Series) garages. You would expect to pay much more for this quality. NewAge prices are only a little higher for a lot more quality and selection.
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NewAge Products base garage cabinet in red

These NewAge Garage Cabinets Will Make You Feel Like a Confident Homeowner

NewAge Products is raising the bar on garage cabinet quality. Customers are doing happy dances over the quality, engineering and features. You will regret buying your cabinets if you don't compare your choices to the NewAge Base, Wall and Locker garage cabinet choices. Here are 14 reasons you need to
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Wall Mounted Cabinets

Garage Cabinet Guide

If you are planning to organize your garage you may be wondering if you should get shelves or cabinets. There are certainly arguments to be made for both. Later in this article I drill down more about the different types of cabinets there are and how to choose the ones
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