Clean garage floor

Don’t Clean Your Garage Floor Before Seeing This

Before cleaning the garage with a vacuum and then a mop, consider using the right pressure washer attachments instead. The pressure washer eliminates the post-wash rinse. Or do the traditional: hose down a concrete floor; and use hot, soapy water and a mop on an epoxy floor.
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Bicycle floor stand

Garage Security: A Common Sense Guide

Garage tools, lawn equipment and bicycles are the first to go when thieves rob your garage. Reinforcing garage windows and doors can prevent unlawful entry. Use locks, barriers, and some psychological tools to keep thieves away.
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Garage tool organization

Organizing Your Tools: The Comprehensive Guide

The secret to tool organization is accessibility. If the tool is hard to find or to put away, then everything will get messy again. Instead of organizing tools by function, think about how often you use them. The tools you use most often should be the easiest to retrieve and
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Kooteny steel and wood carport

Carports: The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners

A carport protects the car from snow and rain, but not freezing temperatures and dust storms. It protects your vehicles better than nothing at all, but not as much as a garage. In this guide, we will cover carport types, materials, benefits, and steps to build one yourself.
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Tools hanging on a pegboard

How to Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

"Discover the secrets to making the most of your garage space. Learn from experts and transform your cluttered garage into a well-organized haven. Read now!"
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hire a garage cleanout company

How to Hire Out Your Garage Cleanout and Organization

A downsizing company sells your stuff. A garage cleanout (or "junk removal") service hauls unwanted items to recycling or the landfill. A garage organization service helps you plan, buy and install garage cabinets, shelves, slatwall storage and accessories. They also organize your garage items you've decided to keep.
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Person in full PPE killing mold on a wall

How to Find, Kill and then Prevent Garage Mold

Visually inspect the garage, and use a moisture meter to find mold growth areas. Fix leaks everywhere including the floor, door, windows and roof. Use insulation to prevent condensation in areas where warm and cool air meets. Wipe away surface water, and use a dehumidifier to remove moister to below
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What is the best material for a garage door?

What is the Best Material for a Garage Door?

Steel is the best material for a garage door. An insulated steel garage door has the best R-value and durability. Unlike other materials, steel performs well in extreme cold, extreme heat, and moist climates. While wood is the most attractive garage door material, it is also the most expensive, and
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Carpeting mat feels good, reduces noise, and stops sand

Are Garage Mats Worth It?

Garage mats are worth the investment. In fact, they have the highest return on investment of any garage floor covering. Mats prevent ice, salt, snow, water, oil and grease damage to the garage floor. The better question might be, "Which garage mat should I get?"
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Reboot My Bicycle Storage

Read this Before Storing Your Family’s Bicycles

The right family bike storage depends on your kids' ages. You can use kickstands, floor stands, wall racks, pulleys, elevators, covers or a shed. Kickstands work well for the smaller kids. But kickstands won't work if ...
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