Two Sheds, a Tarp, and a Shelf to Store Your Tractor

Truck goes in the garage in the summer. Tractor is in the shed.
Truck goes in the garage in the summer. Tractor is in the shed.
Our shed in the woods. I marked it with a red box. It's stealth.
Our shed in the woods. I marked it with a red box. It’s stealth.

In the summer, we keep our antique pickup truck in the garage.

I the winter, the commuter Chevy gets that spot.

So in the winter, we put the truck in the backyard shed, with the lawn tractor.

The garage is often not the best place to store the lawn tractor.

Earlier we published 14 ways to store a tractor.

Here are our favorite examples of storage tractor ideas.

You can also use these to store the push mower, the snow blower, and other large machines.

1. Our Favorite Riding Lawn Mower/Tractor Shed

Suncast Cascade Tractor ShedThe Suncast Cascade is our favorite riding lawn mower shed because it’s the strongest and most attractive of the bigger sheds. There’s nothing wrong with the Rubbermaid sheds. We own a Rubbermaid deck box that’s been holding pool supplies for years. It’s well-built and holding up. The Suncast is just more attractive.

Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars May 4, 2018 Verified Purchase
Assembly was easy but takes time. Shed looks great and Happy Happy Happy.

The Suncast Cascade is has a 7 x 7 ft. footprint, or 49 square feet of floor space. The blow-molded resin is metal-reinforced and UV protected.Use a padlock if you want to lock the doors. The windows allow in light but do not open. The vent is functional, meaning it will help prevent condensation. I would still blow grass off the lawn mower before storing it, because grass is wet. This goes double if the shed will be in direct sunlight several hours a day. The shed is an enclosed plastic box that will get very hot in the sun, even with a reasonable vent.

We have a pad lock on the doors and have had no issues at all. It would take some real effort to break into it. We love the quality and aesthetics. — Amazon Customer

I think resin is a super shed material to metal, as it’s not going to rust. The door opening is 5 ft. wide.  It will easily fit dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATV’s. The ceiling is 8.5 ft. at the tallest point. There’s plenty of room for a riding lawn mower, plus any gardening tools you want to store outside. Suncast offers a hook and accessory kit for this shed. It has hooks for hanging brooms and rakes, and a wire basket. View it here.

Whether you get this or any other shed, it really should be installed on a proper foundation. Take a look at our generator shed footings. We dug up a garden spot and laid those cement blocks down in a couple of hours. The shed must be installed on a dry, level base.

Even if you are handy, some of the parts are big. It’s best to have a partner help you put it together.

Suncast Riding Lawnmower ShedThe Cascade shed is water-resistant. You can put a bead of silicone where the walls meet the floor and ceiling. This will keep out both bugs and water. It really is a very good seal without doing that, so the silicone is just to be sure.

The instructions were easy to follow. It was not very difficult to put together. We have had our shed for about two years. It has proven to be very durable during both the winter weather conditions and the hot summers. We are very pleased with our purchase. It is well worth the cost. — Amazon Customer

If you live in a really windy area, consider bolting the floor to the cement block base. Customers report the shed standing tall in 60 mph winds. So I’m talking about a really windy area where you know the shed will be subjected to really high winds.

I live in an area with frequent high winds and haven’t had an issue yet. However, usually in the 50-60 mph range. Had it for two years and still going strong. 

The Suncast is both functional and beautiful. It has room for a riding tractor and a push lawn mower, and it’ll hold up for years. Buy it here.

Proper installation of the shedSuncast Cascade Shed on proper cement block footingSuncast shed is attractiveShed accessory hooks and basketSuncast Cascade Lawn Mower Shed Steel Reinforced Suncast Cascade Lawn Mower Shed Door Latch

Gardening storage in the shed

2. The Pop Up Shed We Bought for Our Tractor

A ton of space for a riding lawn mower
KD Garden Shed: tons of space to store the tractor and truck.
Our shed in the woods. I marked it with a red box. It's stealth.
Our shed in the woods. I marked it with a red box. It’s stealth.
Our tractor shed.
Our tractor shed. Ours has the rounded top. That’s better for snow.

The kdgarden 10x10x8 ft. pop up shed is a stable, well thought-out lawn mower storage solution. The kdgarden shed’s white interior is brighter than the average pop up dark gray. Both the interior and exterior are treated with anti-fungal agents. There’s UV and fade protection on the exterior. The walls are 6 ft. 4 inches tall, and the ceiling is 8 ft. at its peak. The steel frame is treated to protect against rust, peeling, corrosion, and chipping.

The door is 10 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall. The floor is 10 x 10 ft., which gives you an enormous 100 sq. ft. of space. There’s plenty of room for a tractor, riding mower, ATV, or even a car.

This model has a peak roof. If the shed will get a lot of snow on top, the round roof might be better for you. Same price, just a better design for snow.

There’s no floor with this pop up tent. We put our shed in our woods for our pickup truck and lawn tractor. We had our landscaper prep the area with a mini-version of how they prep the ground to put in a patio. They tamped it and put some gravel down to make the area nice and hard. We also found an elevated area and dug a few ditches to allow rain to run off.

This pop up shed will get your lawn equipment out of the garage without exposing it to the rain and snow. You can get the kdgarden pop up shed on Amazon.

kdgarden 10x10x10 pop up shed kdgarden 10x10x10 pop up lawn mower shed Steel frame in kdgarden tractor shed water repellent tractor shed A ton of space for a riding lawn mower High quality shed ratchet White interior in lawn tractor shed

3. The Best Tarp to Protect Your Gear

View white tarp for tractorWe keep our lawn mowers either in the garage or in the back yard pop up shed. We do use a lot of tarps to cover piles of fire wood. It’s pretty easy to spot a good tarp versus a lower-quality one. The good tarps are thick; even the smaller ones are heavy in your hands; they deflect water and they get a little stiff when it’s very cold out.

Northwest Tarp & Canvas offers a beautiful 4 x 5 ft. tarp that I think is perfect for covering a riding lawn mower, tractor or push mower. It’s an 18 oz. vinyl with rugged, reinforced edges and solid grommets spaced every 16 inches. This tarp is specifically designed to handle freezing, heat, snow and dust.

Hook bungee cords through the grommets to tie the tarp to the machine you’re covering. Don’t let wind get underneath. This tarp will protect your tractor. Just remember to let the machine cool off before covering it.  This is the tarp to get to protect your lawn mower or tractor. Get it on Amazon.

Black lawn tractor tarp Black lawn tractor tarp wrapped on truck Black lawn tractor tarp wrapped on truck tied down Heavy vinyl blue tarp 18 oz tarp to cover the lawn mower Gray lawn mower tarp Green lawn mower tarp Green lawn mower tarp with grommet Green lawn mower tarp with grommet and 2 inch edges Red tractor tarp Red tractor tarp with grommet White lawn mower tarp with grommet View white tarp for tractor Blue riding mower tarp

4. Hang Your Lawn Mower from Hooks Under This Shelf

Each four foot section of a Rhino Shelf can hold 600 lb. That’s why there are people sitting on the shelves in Rhino’s marketing images. Maximize the space by hanging more storage under the shelves. Even hanging the biggest lawn mower under a Rhino Shelf is no problem.

The secret to this shelf’s strength is in the brackets. That’s what you’re actually buying from Rhino: it’s a kit that creates an incredibly strong frame for the 2×4’s you add to create the shelf surface. There’s no point in you paying shipping for the shelf part when that’s just wood you can buy at a home center. The important part is the never-fail aluminum bracing you install into your garage studs. Add lumber for the shelves and then a couple of hooks to hold the lawn mower underneath the shelves. You’ll get a ton of strong storage and a new home for your push mower.

Learn more about Rhino Shelves in our Products section, or go straight to Amazon to buy them now.

These shelves hold 600 lb. per 4 ft. sectionRhino Shelf InstallationThe 4 ft. x 20 in. Rhino Shelf holds 650 lb.
Hang a lawn mower under a Rhino ShelfRhino Garage Shelf 12 ft. x 20 in.Rhino Garage Shelf 16 ft. x 20 in.
Rhino Mini ShelvesOff the Garage Floor