Best VacMaster for the Garage

Best VacMaster vacuum cleaner for the garage.Update: The VacMaster VWM510 is now winner of both the VacMaster Contest and the Multi-Brand Vacuum Contest.

The VacMaster VWM510 is hands down the best vacuum cleaner for the garage. Of the eight features I want in a garage vacuum, the VWM510 has all of them.

My R2D2 Shop-Vac likes to trip me up. I’m tired of it. I’m going to throw give it away. I need a new vacuum for the garage.

After finding a giant pile of “garage vacuum” failures, I landed on the VacMaster brand.  Here I found a whole bunch of candidates to replace R2D2, so I decided to analyze them all.

I detailed the analysis in full here: The Best VacMaster Cleaner for Your Garage. Check it out if you want to see the nitty gritty of every step in the analysis.

The eight features I want in my next garage vacuum cleaner are:

  1. a blower
  2. cord storage
  3. a variable hose length
  4. a hose rack
  5. a wall mount
  6. a wet vac
  7. wheels
  8. a high Amazon rating

The VacMaster VWM510 has all of these except wheels. But I can buy the wheels separately and still get out for a crazy good price.

Before I found the VWM510, I had taken deep scans of a Stanley, a GarageVac, a Rigdid, a Shop-Vac, a Bissell, a Vacumaid and a Hoover. None of them made the cut. So my affection for the VacMaster VWM510 isn’t springing from thin air.

I also compared it to nine other VacMaster models! The VWM510 beat the pants off of 16 other vacuum cleaners. It shot to the top of the list.

Why I Like the VWM510

The VWM510 is a decent size without being too big. It has two hoses you can use separately or together for a long range of 21 ft. of hose. The machine sits in the wall mount or you can carry it on its rigid top-handle. The VWM510’s Amazon reviews are the highest of all 16 vacuum cleaners I analyzed. 91% of the 372 reviews give it 4 or 5 stars. It’s got a place to put the hose, a place to put the cord, and places to put the accessories.

I’m definitely buying the wheels because I do wet vacuuming and water is heavy.

This little monster is so cost-effective that I can buy the vacuum and the wheels combined and still spend less than I did on the Shop-Vac I’m throwing giving away. The VacMaster VWM510 is definitely the garage vacuum cleaner to buy.

Check out the price on Amazon for the VWM510 and the wheel kit that goes with it.