3 Awesome Grow Shelves for Your Garage Garden

Best Garage Garden Grow ShelvesGarage Garden Grow Shelves We Love

We really like these three grow kits because they make it easy to be successful.

SunBlaster Grow ShelfThis SunBlaster grow shelf is designed to grow lettuce, which is the perfect crop for the new gardener.  Lettuce is a cold-weather plant. It tolerates temperatures as low as 45 deg. F. and as high as 85 deg. F. But you could also grow herbs, other salad vegetables, and flowers in the SunBlaster.

The SunBlaster comes with the watering tray and a wicking system (called the “capillary matting section”) to auto-water the plants. The growing trays and light are included. The light has an adjustable height. You use this feature to change the light the plants receive after germination has occurred.  Germinated seeds need more light, so you lower the canopy to bring the light closer to the plants. The shelf size is about 2 ft. wide and 1.5 ft. tall.

The SunBlaster is the shelf to get the beginner garage gardener.  It’s easy to set up, and you’d have to work pretty hard to get a bad result.  If you’re not sure where you’re going with your garage gardening, start with the SunBlaster to get your hands dirty. Your success growing lettuce will increase your confidence, at which point you can add more SunBlasters or move onto other types of gardening you want to learn. Check out the latest SunBlaster on Amazon.

Beginner garage gardeners who want to try hydroponics should get the AeroGarden Harvest grow kit, because this is by far the easiest hydroponic gardening you can try.  This system size is less than a foot wide and less than 1.5 ft. at its tallest. For such a tiny shelf it grows 6 plants at a time! Use it to grow lettuce, or other salad veggies, herbs or flowers. You can adjust the included LED grow light height to reduce or increase the amount of light the plants receive. It comes in a wi-fi model, but even the base model includes the water and fertilizer reminders, and the automatic light controls. The kit comes with six pods already filled with seeds to grow Basil, Parsley, Dill, Thyme, and Mint. Fertilizer is included too. There’s no soil in a hydroponic system. The kit uses water to fertilize the plants. The garage gardener need only adjust the lights after the seeds have germinated, and add water every 2 weeks. This is the highest quality and easiest hydroponic grow kit and is perfect for the beginner garage gardener. Check out the AeroGarden Harvest on Amazon.

Gardeners Supply 3 Tier SunLite GardenThe seasoned gardener who wants to go bigger should look at the Gardeners Supply 3-Tier SunLite grow shelf. It uses much more vertical space so you can grow more.  Each 4 ft. wide shelf offers 5 square feet of growing space.  The ultra-bright non-buzzing fluorescent lights adjust up and down to give plants the right amount of light. The kit includes three trays, and the entire unit is easily moved on sturdy included casters.  Check out the SunLite shelf here.

The Garage Gardener Grow Light Rack We Love

iPower 36 watt 4 ft. LED light standThe larger grow shelves are a jump in price from the little guys. While the SunLite shelf is the most cost-effective of the bigger grow shelf models, some customers are frustrated at the time it takes to assemble (as much as 2 hours).

If you want to lower the investment but have the hard parts done for you, then get a grow light rack. A grow light rack solves one of the more complex problems of indoor gardening, which is getting the right kind of light in the right position over the plants. Grow light racks make that part easy, but don’t come with the array of shelves you get with grow shelves.

iPower grow light rack, you supply the planting bedsThe iPower grow light rack is one of the nicest grow light racks we’ve found. It is 4.5 ft. wide and just under 4 ft. high, and comes standard with a multi-spectrum adjustable height grow light. The rack is easy to assemble. The “auto” program turns the light on and off.  You’ll need to supply this rack with some space. The rack can power any growing medium from soil to aquaponics. Add a small fan to stimulate root growth for plants that require this. Grow plants appropriate for the temperature in your garage.

The grow light rack is cost-effective because you’re supplying some of the gear. With a grow light rack, you supply the grow beds, water and fertilizer. The grow light rack supplies a sturdy LED grow light that you can position closer to and farther away from your plants as necessary. The iPower grow light rack is a fantastic way to dip your toe into garage gardening as it gives you a mix of do-it-yourself and a convenient solution for a much lower price point than a large vertical grow shelf. Plus the iPower company has an excellent customer service reputation. Check out the iPower light rack on Amazon.