The Roll Out Garage Floor Mat that Made My Heart Skip a Beat

1968 Blue Buick Skylark Convertible on the G-Floor Mat
I’m a sucker for 1960’s muscle car blue. Go ahead, use a 1968 blue convertible Buick Skylark to push my buttons! All right, I love that car, so is that the reason I love this garage floor mat? Yes, I admit I’m influenced by the Buick convertible. But I also love the G-Floor Roll Out Garage Floor for itself.

Look at that color! Tell me where you can find a garage floor mat with such a deep blue! The ribbed channels capture snow melt and water. You can leave a coffee stain in there for weeks and it will still come up when you wash it. The G-Floor mat is 7.5 ft. wide by 17 ft. long. Watch out when you click the link, it will take you to the Sandstone color. Be sure to click the BLUE before you buy.

I pulled these reviews from Amazon because they tell a great story. Check this out.

The G-Floor garage mat resisted brake fluid and paint stripper:

“I bought one of these two years ago. Cleaned it up and it looks like the day I put it down aside from a little sun fade near the open end of the garage. Its had everything you can imagine spilled on it, a lot of it stays there for weeks until I clean it up. Even resisted brake fluid for 15 min and that stuff will take the paint right off your car and dissolve rubber.”

Snow and salt drip into the G-Floor ribs. Drain, or push broom the muck into the driveway. Save your garage floor.

“It’s heavy – that’s a good thing and it lays right down. For me it was flat 24 hours later at the edges, but it was summer. It hasn’t needed any sort of tape or screws to keep it flat since.

I find it hard to slip on if you’re aware that its not as grippy as sandpaper when wet. Speaking of wet, the salt and snow that drips off the car gets caught by the ribs and since my garage, like most all do, has an include toward the door, drains out the garage. It has enough salt in it to not freeze once it gets outside the garage, though if your area uses sand, be aware of this.”

The G-Floor roll out mat resists Ford engine puke!

“It cleans right up with some soap and this broom-like cleaning brush and a rinse. I reject the few negative reviews that say its hard to clean or does not resist spills. They’re just not using the right tools and I’ve spilled everything a car can have it (Ford engines will puke everything if you give them time) and it hasn’t warped or stained.”

Sold by a company that makes good when they make a mistake:

“Great company that gives a crap about your satisfaction. Further, the mat is high quality and durable. Highly recommend. Thanks guys.”

Lays flat, easy to sweep, we’re buying another:

“We put this down on our newly painted garage floor to keep the ‘new’ looking part longer. We are very pleased with how the ridges trap water & dirt. It’s easy to sweep or spray off and only took a few days for the rolled ends to lay flat. We’re happy with it so far and are thinking of purchasing another one for the other garage bay.”

Let’s get the garage floor mat now, and work on getting the 1968 Buick Skylark soon! Convertible, of course.