Best Concrete Floor De-Greaser

Best garage floor degreaser

Cleaning and de-greasing is required before any type of garage floor repair. Oil Eater is hands-down one of the best de-greasers I’ve ever used. It removes caked-on grease and old oil stains from concrete, asphalt and fabric. Some stains take a few applications, but no stain is safe with Oil Eater around.

Oil Eater Fast Facts

  • Oil Eater is safe. It’s not toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous
  • It contains no acids, abrasives, petroleum solvents
  • It’s water-based and biodegradable
  • You can safely use Oil Eater in septic systems
  • It’s diluted! Be sure to dilute according to package directions
  • It’s safe for laundry and carpet spots
  • Clean your grill with Oil Eater
  • It’s safe for your driveway, tires, stove, wall siding and concrete
  • Use on engines, machinery and tools

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Too good to be true. I see how Oil Eaters just eats oil, but it is too much for me realize how it just works in front of your eyes. The best part is that it is bio degradable and eco friendly.  — Oil Eater reviewer on Amazon

This stuff is pretty bad ass. I had 3 oil spots on the garage floor from the previous owner of our new house. Pressure washer alone did absolutely nothing. Poured some of this on the spots, agitated with a brush, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then pressure washed them and they came almost entirely off. Did it 2 more times and they are 99% gone. Love this. Pic attached of the garage afterwards.— Oil Eater reviewer on Amazon

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Oil Eater de-greaser