My Favorite 4.5 in. Angle Grinder

Best garage floor angle grinderFeeling like you’re ready to go at that concrete low spot with an angle grinder and crack-chasing blade? This is a spark-throwing tool, so be sure you (a) wear safety equipment and (b) understand the angle grinder proper usage. The best 4.5 in. angle grinder is the DeWalt DWE402K, because it’s designed to grind in close spaces, has multiple safety features, and an excellent reputation for ease of use and durability. You can find the current price and reviews over here on Amazon.

DeWalt DWE402K Angle Grinder Fast Facts

  • dust ejection system prevents particles from jamming machine
  • guard over moving wheel protects you from spinning blade
  • paddle switch prevents accidental startup
  • remove the wheel without tools

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You’ll need the crack-chasing blade for your angle grinder. The best 4.5 inch blade is the Benchmark Abrasives 4.5 in. Crack Chaser Diamond Blade. This is the blade that cuts concrete like butter. If you own a 4 in. angle grinder already, then get the EDiamondTools 4 in. Crack Chaser Blade. Customers report that it barely shows signs of use after cutting hundreds of feet of concrete.

Updated to say; I just ordered 3 more of these grinders. I LOVE the one touch guard!!!! You just bump it against the welding table to rotate it to any position you need….I’m quickly replacing all my grinders with these Dewalts….I like to keep about 10 grinders plugged in with different wheels and discs ready to grab, and these paddle switch high amp Dewalts have proven the best bang for the buck yet over all the others. — Amazon reviewer

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