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Tourna Ball Port
Tourna Ball Port

If you have a 75 tennis balls, use a tennis ball cage for portability. The Wilson Tennis Ball Pickup holds up to 75 tennis balls. It has a lid which prevents spilling. The hopper picks up balls from the bottom. Place the cage over the ball and push. The ball will squeeze through and into the cage. The legs lock in place, giving the cage height when you reach inside to get a ball. Note that with this cage in particular, some customers have put it together without using all of the parts. Do follow instructions when assembling this hopper and it will stand up to rigorous use. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Organize and transport up to 325 tennis balls using the Tourna Ballport 325. This is a wheeled, lockable cage designed to hold a massive number of tennis balls. The lid locks in balls and the wheels have manual locks. The Tourna is a high-quality basket that comes in smaller sizes as well.