Reboot My Garage Advertising Policies


Your participation in product reviews or giveaways assumes your consent to the following terms.

Product Reviews

Reboot My Garage accepts products for review on our site We do not guarantee we will recommend products sent to use to review on We review unsolicited items at our discretion. We offer fair pros-and-cons assessments of garage products. Brands benefit from exposure to approximately 4,000 targeted garage organization and remodeling readers per month (as of Q1 2019). We will photograph and/or video the product unboxing, setup, and use. We often post article announcements on Pinterest and YouTube. We do not charge companies for product reviews. The company must send us the product unencumbered, and cover all shipping costs.


Companies wishing us to do a giveaway are welcome to contact us at RebootMyGarage AT Gmail DOT com.¬† Companies offering products for giveaways agree to send winners their products. Shipping is the company’s responsibility. Reboot My Garage will arrange for entries through a web form, article comments or a similar method. We do not require contestants to perform a task in order to enter a giveaway contest. Reboot My Garage will contact winners for their shipping addresses, which we will forward to the company to fulfill the giveaway. Companies will send the giveaway directly to the contest winner.

Giveaway entrants must be 18 years or older. Contestants must send entries in before each giveaway’s deadline. Each giveaway includes entry instructions.

Disclaimer of Liability

Contestants hold Reboot My Garage and the company sponsoring the giveaway harmless and without liability for any inconveniences, damages, disruptions or errors with their entry or with the giveaway prize. If you enter our giveaway, you release Reboot My Garage, the sponsoring company, and all associated parties, from all liabilities of any kind arising from the giveaway. Reboot My Garage is the final arbiter of all disputes. By entering our giveaways, you agree to these rules.

Odds of Winning depend on the number of entries. We choose winners randomly from the list of emails entered.  Winners are responsible for all taxes associated with their prize. There is no guarantee the contest will successfully complete. If the sponsoring company cannot fulfill its obligation to award the winner, contestants hold Reboot My Garage and the sponsoring company harmless and without liability. Reboot My Garage will act in good faith with the sponsoring company to ensure all prizes are delivered.

Advertorial Policy

Reboot My Garage does not accept or publish advertorials or sponsored posts.

Advertising Policy

Reboot My Garage does not sell advertising to individual sponsors.