About Amazon Customer Service


Manufacturers sometimes send bad products to customers. Customers have rights. Customers should get satisfaction for the money paid. When reading Amazon reviews, I often see customers taking the hit. They swallow the loss when they should get warranty coverage. One of the great advantages of buying on Amazon is their customer service protection. I wish people would contact Amazon when the manufacturers disappoint them. Amazon will protect you if the manufacturer lets you down.

You deserve to never have to take the loss on a bad product. Align yourself with Amazon to force the manufacturer to do the right thing.

This is what you do.

  1. Contact the manufacturer
    1. Keep a record of the date and complaint
    2. Be civil and polite
  2. If the manufacturer helps you AT NO COST TO YOU, then great, you’re done.
  3. If the manufacturer wants money to fix their error, turn to Amazon.
    1. At the bottom of every Amazon page, on the right hand side, is a list of ways to contact Amazon.
    2. Click Returns & Replacements. The Returns/Exchange system is automated. If you get help without any charge to your account, great, you’re done.
    3. If you don’t get satisfaction through the Return/Replace system, click Help to talk to Amazon customer service.

      1. Be civil and polite.
      2. Tell Amazon customer service that you tried to resolve the problem with the manufacturer.
      3. Explain the problem with the manufacturer’s solution. It was within warranty but they wanted to charge you? They wanted you to pay shipping? They said “That’s just how it is, tough luck?” Give customer service a reason to support you.
      4. Politely, and without emotion, tell the Amazon customer service rep that you think this is unfair. AMAZON WILL HELP YOU. Amazon has very customer-focused policies.

Depending on your situation, you might use Returns & Replacements first. If that doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer second. In either case, don’t contact Amazon until you’ve used these first two tools.

A purchase is a contract between the consumer (you) and the manufacturer. In exchange for money, you gain certain rights. One of those rights is that you receive the item you bought. Another is that the item you receive is in good working condition. Another is that if the product fails during the warranty period, that you get some kind of help. This can be an exchange, a repair, or a replacement.  You have an ally in Amazon customer service. Amazon is keenly aware of your lifetime value as a customer. Your value to Amazon is not just today’s purchase. It’s every purchase you’ll make in your lifetime.

That’s why Amazon customer service wants to help you. The representatives are most often empowered to do what’s right. But you have to give them information in the right order, and in the right tone. Use your automated and manufacturer contact options first. If these fail, politely ask Amazon to help you. Amazon’s vendors make Amazon look good or look bad. If a manufacturer is making them look bad, they need you to help them fix that.  You deserve to never have to take the loss on a bad product. Align yourself with Amazon to force the manufacturer to do the right thing.


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