How to Hire Out Your Garage Cleanout and Organization

If garage cleanout and organization were easy, we all would have done it already. Cleaning, removing items, and organizing garage storage are hard to do, and worth hiring out.

A downsizing company sells your stuff. A garage cleanout (or “junk removal”) service hauls unwanted items to recycling or the landfill. A garage organization service helps you plan, buy and install garage cabinets, shelves, slatwall storage and accessories. They also organize your garage items you’ve decided to keep.

Very few companies offer garage cleaning services to wipe down the soot and dust on your stuff. However, there are ways of finding people who will do this work too.

Steps to Hiring Out Your Garage Cleaning, Cleanout, and Organization

There are four steps to garage cleanout and organization, and few companies do all the steps.

For example, a garage cleanout company will take away your stuff, but they usually do not help you organize what you keep. Some garage organization services only help organize your garage, while others specialize in helping you get cabinets, shelving and other garage storage.

Let’s break down the garage cleanout process into steps. This way you can plan for who you hire, and when.

  • Step 1: Clean the Garage
  • Step 2: Clean out the garage
  • Step 3 (optional): Plan, buy and install cabinets, shelves, slatwall storage, and ceiling storage
  • Step 4: Organize your garage

Clean: Professionals who clean the garage are the hardest to find. Few garage cleanout or garage organization services also offer garage cleaning. But I have several ways for you to find someone to clean your garage below.

Clean Out: To clean out the garage, you’ll hire a clean out (“junk removal”) service. Yes, it’s not all junk, that’s just what these companies call themselves. They recycle as well as throw away your things.

Organization Preparation: Use a garage organization service to help plan, buy and install garage storage. They will help you with cabinets, slatwall storage, ceiling storage, workbenches and accessories.

Organize: Hire a garage organization service to organize the items in your garage. They will help you store your bicycles, put kayaks on the ceiling, and put supplies in cabinets and on shelves.

Now let’s talk about how to find and hire the garage services you need.

Can I Hire Someone to Clean My Garage?

Garage cleaning — removing dirt, not removing items — is a hard service to find. You don’t see “garage cleaning” services on Angi or Thumbtack. If you search the internet for “garage cleaning services,” you will inevitably get mostly or 100% “garage cleanout services.” Those companies remove your stuff but they don’t wipe soot and bug dust off your belongings.

For example, ServPro is a well-established major-cleanup company, and they don’t list “garage” on their cleaning services page.

So who do you hire to clean your garage? Research these services to find help:

  • a home cleaning service
  • an office cleaning service
  • a janitorial service
  • Craigslist and Facebook “services offered” ads

Can I Hire Someone to Clean Out My Garage?

You can hire a professional organizer to help you decide which items go and which items stay. You can hire a downsizing company to sell the items that go. You can hire a garage cleanout company to take away unsold, unwanted items.

The biggest obstacle to cleaning the garage is usually the sheer volume of clutter getting in the way. Getting rid of garage items is the easiest path to real organization.

The huge advantage of getting rid of items before organizing is cutting down on how much storage space you’ll need.

What Do Garage Cleanout Companies Offer?

Garage cleanout companies haul away your unwanted garage items. This type of service usually takes your unwanted items to recycling and then to the landfill. Cleanout companies usually charge by weight. The traditional garage cleanout model is:

  • you point at it
  • they take it away

Many cleanout companies offer this one “haul away” service. But you can also hire garage cleanout companies to:

  • sort your garage items
  • deliver items to charity in addition to recycling and the landfill

College Hunks offers both sorting and charity deliver, for example. Use a local company if you have specific requests outside normal services. Locally owned companies have more flexibility that national franchise. But it never hurts to ask, no matter who you hire.

1-800-GOT-JUNK Garage Cleanout Service

For example, 1-800-GOT-JUNK has a garage cleanout service. If you want everything removed from the garage then you order a “complete garage cleanout.” For a partial garage cleanout, you’ll need to point out which items stay and which items go. You might find it easier to pre-sort your garage contents into “junk or recycle” and “keep” piles. The team automatically recycles anything they can recycle, and then they take the remainder of your items to the landfill.

Got Junk gives you the quote and does the cleanout on the same day. They show up in a Got Junk truck. You show them the items to recycle and trash. The lead team member gives you a quote for the job. If you accept, they pack the truck, and you pay them before they leave.

1-800-GOT-JUNK takes a huge variety of household items, which includes:

  • electronics (computers, tablets, mobile phones, batteries, computer monitors, DVD players, VCRs, fax machines, printers, stereos, televisions)
  • appliances (refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, space heaters, stoves, ovens, blenders, fans, washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers)
  • bicycles (road bikes, children’s bikes, stationary bikes, exercise bikes, mountain bikes)
  • floor coverings (containment mats, floor mats, car mats, motorcycle mats, rugs, carpeting, garage floor tile)
  • furniture (couches, TV stands, dressers, lamps, desks, chairs, tables, cabinets)
  • hot tubs
  • beds (bed frames, mattresses, box springs, headboards)
  • tires (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, sport, plus rubber parts)
  • trash (household, organic waste, garbage, rubbish, construction waste, scrap metal)
  • junk (residential, commercial, construction, renovation)
  • yard waste (leaves, grass, twigs, mulch, shrubs, tree trunks, holiday trees, biological waste, hedge trimmings, weeds, plants)
  • glass (broken glass, mirrors, plate glass, auto glass, glass windows, glass doors, picture windows, tempered glass)
  • exercise equipment (free weights, kettle bells, ski machine, rowing machine, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, stationary bicycles, treadmills, mats, pads, bags, resistance bands, barbells, dumbbells)
  • pianos (grand pianos, baby grand pianos, upright pianos, organs, console pianos, digital pianos, digital keyboards, parlor pianos, toy pianos)
  • bbq (broken grills, charcoal grills, gas grills, portable grills, smokers)
  • large toys (play sets, trampolines, play houses, sandboxes, playground equipment, pool tables)
  • pools (inflatable pools, above ground pools)

Gorge Hunks Garage Cleanout Service

For even more service, you can hire College Hunks to do your Garage Cleanout. Their garage cleanout is similar to the Got Junk, with a couple of good exceptions.

On top of the services similar to the GOT-JUNK, College Hunks offers these benefits:

  • they sort the stuff for you
  • they include charity donation drop off in their haul-away

College Hunks also quotes and hauls on the same day. You can choose how to prepare for their visit:

  • pre-sort your items into charity, recycle-junk, and keep
  • don’t pre-sort, just point to items and tell the team where it goes
  • let the team do the sorting for you, which you can approve before they leave

What Garage Cleanout Services do Professional Organizers Offer?

Professional organizers usually offer decision and organization services. The decision for each item is: Does it stay or does it go? If getting rid of your unwanted stuff is too hard, hire a professional organizer to be your coach.

Some professional organizers offer garage cleanout services. You have to check the services of each company you consider. Your professional organizer might have a truck, or a partnership with a junk hauling service. The organizer will help you decide what goes to charity, what goes to recycling or the landfill, and what stays in the garage.

Neat Method Professional Organizer Garage Cleanout Services

For example, Neat Method is a professional organizer service available in most states and parts of Canada. Their mission is to “make the space you have functional for the life you live.”

Neat Method offers customized services, so you make a plan and then they give you a quote for service. Your consultant will help you decide what to keep, or they will just make decisions for you. In this case, you can have final approval or just trust them in their decision.

However, you get there, once the piles are done, your Neat Method consultant arranges to have them hauled to charity, recycling, or the landfill.

What Garage Cleanout Services do Downsizing Companies Offer?

Some estate sale companies offer downsizing services for people moving from “empty nests” to smaller homes. “Garage sale” or “garage cleanout” is not a typical service, but some companies will help you move stuff out of your garage. Some downsizing companies have the capacity to run a downsizing sale. They will agree to sell just stuff from your garage. If you don’t see the service, it’s still worthwhile to ask. While downsizing professionals usually run estate sales on the entire house, you might find one who will work with just garage contents. The service takes a percentage of the sale proceeds.

Caring Transitions Garage Cleanout Services

For example, Caring Transitions focuses on helping seniors move out of empty nests. They run estate sales for clients. Then they take the leftovers to recycling or to the landfill.

You have two garage options: cleanout the entire garage, or have them sell just the belongings you designate.

services include:

  • Appraise belongings
  • Run an estate sale
  • Do a total garage cleanout
  • Remove trash
  • Recycle items when possible

Can I Hire Someone to Put Storage Cabinets in My Garage?

Professional organizers and garage organization companies can help you with the planning, buying, and installing of garage storage furniture. Options usually include cabinets, slatwall storage, tool holders, workbenches, and accessories.

Not all companies offer all services. There are three services you might need, and you have to check with the company to see what they provide. Search for garage organization or professional organizer companies, and then see if they can help you with these storage tasks:

  • planning which cabinet, slatwall, tool holder, workbench etc. pieces to buy and where they’ll go
  • acquiring the garage storage products
  • installing the storage products

What Garage Storage Options Do Garage Organization Companies Offer?

Garage organization companies have one or more brands they represent. For example, Gorgeous Garage helps you plan which Monkey Bars garage storage products to put into your garage. They sell you the furniture, install it, and then guarantee it.

Through their service, you can buy shelves that hold 1,000 lb. per each 4 ft. section. They offer “inverted shelving” that allows you to put shelves above doors and windows. They sell a slatwall organization system as well as slatwall accessories such as ball bags, wire baskets, hose holders, hooks and tool holders.

California Closets has its own line of garage storage products. They sell in-house cabinets and workbenches. They help you plan and then they install the storage in your garage. It’s a smaller offering than Gorgeous Garage, but definitely enough for people who need fewer storage options.

What Garage Storage Options Do Professional Organizers Offer?

Professional organizers are more likely to help you shop for garage storage. But you might find one who has a line that they sell. It’s variable because it depends on their talents and training.

Use a Service Broker to Find Garage Cleanout and Organization Help

Service brokers represent local and national companies who want your business. You enter your location and the service you want onto their websites, and they give you garage organization and professional organizers for you to contact.

Angi Garage Cleanout and Organization Help

Angi is a professional service broker formerly known as Angie’s List. Use their website to find garage organization and professional organizers near you. You tell them where you are and the service you want, and they recommend professionals.

To find someone to help you organize the garage, use the Consultant – Professional Home or Office Organizer, and then choose “Garage.”

To find a garage organizer server that sells cabinets, slatwall, ceiling storage, and the like, use the category Garage Organizers – Install.

HomeAdvisor Garage Cleanout and Organization Help

HomeAdvisor is an Angi company. I was not able to find a cleanout service on this site. To find a professional organizer, use the category Find a Home Organizer Consultant. To find help buying and installing garage organization products, use the category Install Garage Organizers.

Thumbtack Garage Cleanout and Organization Help

Thumbtack is another professional service broker and is similar to Angi. It is a service broker. To find a garage cleanout company, use the category Garage Cleaning Services and then Cleaning and Organization. To find a garage organization company, use the category Garage Cleaning Services, and then choose Removal of junk and clutter.

Home Depot and Lowes Garage Cleanout and Organization Help

Home Depot and Lowes offer storage product services. These stores sell several brands of garage shelves, cabinets, workbenches and tool storage. The companies hire local contractors to help you plan, purchase and install garage products. When you work with these subcontractors, your agreement is with Home Depot or Lowes, not the subcontractors.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Out a Garage?

If you hire a small, local company that is not a franchise, prices for garage cleanouts can start under $100. If you have enough stuff to fill a dumpster or so, the price will be around $500. Fire Dawg Junk Removal explains their prices here.

How Much Does it Cost to Organize a Garage?

Garage organization starts at about $250. There are so many variables that the best course is to get a quote. A company like Gorgeous Garage installs cabinets and shelves so that you can organize the garage. Their systems run from $1800 to $2400 on average, and go higher with bigger systems and more accessories.