Clean garage floor

Don’t Clean Your Garage Floor Before Seeing This

Before cleaning the garage with a vacuum and then a mop, consider using the right pressure washer attachments instead. The pressure washer eliminates the post-wash rinse. Or do the traditional: hose down a concrete floor; and use hot, soapy water and a mop on an epoxy floor.
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Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate floor

Is Rubber Roll Out Flooring a Good Garage Floor Covering?

If you're looking for a durable, safe, and easy-to-maintain garage flooring option, rubber rolls are the way to go. Made of natural or synthetic rubber, these rolls can withstand heavy traffic and provide a slip-resistant surface. They're also easy to clean and require little maintenance. In this blog post, we'll
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Yellow shiny epoxy garage floor

What is the Best Epoxy for a Garage Floor?

The best epoxy for your garage floor should be durable and consist of more than one coat. The best epoxy has a primer coat, basecoat, and a clear epoxy topcoat. One of the best epoxies is Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield , which features a 2-part epoxy (primer and topcoat). You might also
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Nice garage

7 Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Garage Floor

To get a nice paint job that does not fail in three years, you need to etch, repair, vacuum, mop and dry the floor first. Concrete loves water, and paint does not. Even epoxy-enhanced “concrete paint” will fail on an unprepared floor.
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The raised bumps give texture and preventing slipping on PVC floor mats

Garage Floor Mat Materials – Choosing the Best Mat Material for Your Needs

A garage floor mat is an essential item for any garage. Even an epoxy floor benefits from mats. Garage floor mats will help to protect the floor from stains and sand.
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Shiny Garage Floor

Garage Floor Coatings: Epoxy vs. Paint, Which is Better?

Epoxy lasts longer than paint, and you need only one coat. Paint is cheaper and easier than epoxy to apply, but you need several coats to get coverage. Paint will stick to imperfect garage preparation. Epoxy will not.income
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Carpeting mat feels good, reduces noise, and stops sand

Are Garage Mats Worth It?

Garage mats are worth the investment. In fact, they have the highest return on investment of any garage floor covering. Mats prevent ice, salt, snow, water, oil and grease damage to the garage floor. The better question might be, "Which garage mat should I get?"
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Fix the crack before epoxying

How Do You Fix Garage Floor Cracks?

Clean small cracks with a wire brush, a hammer and a cold chisel. Prepare a larger crack using an angle grinder with a crack chasing wheel. Vacuum away the debris. Fill small cracks with RTG Crack Filler. Fill medium cracks with EpoxyShield Patch & Repair. Fill large cracks with Epoxy
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Repair My Garage

The Best Garage Floor Repair Products

These are the products we recommend for prepping, repairing, protecting and, enhancing your garage floor.
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Garage floor tile

109 Amazing Garage Floor Tile Designs

View 109 beautiful examples showing off stunning Swisstrax, Racedeck, Block Tile and Incstore garage floor tile installations.
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