Best Portable and Secure Sports Ball Storage: Lockable, Wheeled Ball Cage

Best ball wheeled cage

Why I like the Trigon Sports Procage for Sports Ball Storage

Trigon: Best portable, secure team sports ball storage solution.
Trigon: Best portable, secure team sports ball storage solution.

The best portable and lockable sports ball storage cage is the Trigon Sports Ball Cage.  It has a huge capacity of 28 basketballs or 30 soccer balls. The cage rides on 4 in. swivel caster wheels, making it easy to push even when it’s full. The hinged lid opens for moving balls in and out. The lid locks to the cage for security.

Caveat: Buy the padlock and security cable separately.

Why I like the BV 30 Ft. Cable and Disecu 2.5 Inch Locks

For ball locker security, I recommend a simple lock for the lid. You can also use a cable and lock to secure the cage to a tree or pole.

I really like the Disecu 2.5 inch locks. With this purchase you get two padlocks. The Disecu has long shackles, making it easy to slip through the storage locker lock hole. The Disecu lock is waterproof. It doesn’t require a key or fingerprints to open. Check the  latest Disecu lock price on Amazon.

The 30 ft. BV CableUse the second lock to cable the sports ball locker to a pole or a bleacher. One of the best cables I’ve found is the BV 30 ft. Cable. It’s a seriously long cable for a really good price. The BV Cable is soft and pliable. It doesn’t constantly try to re-wrap itself, like many cables I’ve used in the past.

Place the BV cable through the ball locker bars. Then wrap it around a pole. Loop the two cable hands together. Use the second Disecu lock to secure the cage.  Check out the BV 30 ft. cable here.

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