Best Near-Court Ball Storage: Basketball Butler

Best ball butlerWhy I Like the Basketball Butler

1 ball Basketball Butler
1 ball Basketball Butler

The Basketball Butler is the best on-court ball storage solution. It gets the balls off the court, but they’re still nearby, ready for play. You don’t have to carry the balls to and from the court, unless you’re concerned about security. In that case, combine the convenience of the Basketball Butler with the portability of a solid sports ball nylon bag. Put the balls in bag, and store the bag in the garage. When you’re playing, bring the bag to the court or field. Use the Basketball Butler during play.

The Basketball Butler provides vertical storage for either two or four basketballs, depending on the model. Use the Butler to store and dispense soccer balls and volleyballs, too.  Attach the Butler to a pole or the side of a building.

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Basketball Butler

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