The Best Portable Sports Ball Storage

If you’re carrying the balls from the garage to the field and back, you might like this mesh bag ball carrier. It stores fine on a shelf or hanging from a hook. It’s easy to carry and there’s no problem fitting it in the trunk of the car.
best sports ball mesh bag

Why I Like the Fitdom Ball Bag

Store and carry sports balls in the Fitdom XL Mesh Bag
Store and carry sports balls in the Fitdom XL Mesh Bag

This sports gear and ball bag easily stores on a garage shelf or hangs from a pegboard or slatwall hook. One of the best portable sports ball storage bags I’ve found is the Fitdom Heavy Duty XL Ball Bag. I wish I could find a gym bag that stands as nicely as this container does. The upright stance and open mouth make it much easier to load and unload gear, compared to those bags that flop over. The firm sides keep the balls from falling out, too.

This bag is huge. It can hold 10 basketballs or 13 soccer balls. I like the side pocket for storing air pumps and gloves. You can easily see what’s inside the bag through the nylon mesh. The material is double-stitched strong and waterproof. Carry the bag by its wide shoulder strap or by its reinforced handle. The bottom has a drainage hole in case the bag gets wet or you are storing wet swimwear. There are some nice ball bags out there, but this is hands down one of the nicest ones. Check the latest price on Amazon.

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