The best garage blower vacs

Best Garage Blower Vacuum Cleaners 2018-2019

Four Vacuum Cleaners for You

The best garage blower vacsThe best garage vacuum with a blower is the VacMaster VWM510. Learn why here. The DeWalt, VacuMaid and Ridgid are great vacuum cleaners too, but the VWM510 is the best.

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  1. VacMaster VWM510 – view more here
  2. DeWalt DXV06P
  3. VacuMaid GV50PRO
  4. Ridgid VAC5000





HOSE LENGTH10 ft. and 11 ft. (21 ft. total)7 ft.50 ft.21 ft.
AMAZON POSITIVE REVIEWS91% OF 37292% OF 2592% of 20489% OF 55
WEIGHT22 LB.15 LB.30 LB.19 LB.
HOSE DIAMETER1 7/8 IN.1 7/8 IN.1 1/4 IN.1 7/8 IN.
Installed VacMaster VWM510

The VWM510 hanging on the garage wall but without the hose and all of the accessories. Note the accessory bucket, it can fit on either the left or the right side.

VacMaster VWM510

The VacMaster VWM510 is winner of multiple garage vacuum cleaner contests. Without a doubt, it’s the best vacuum cleaner for the garage. It’s a wall-mounted wet-dry vacuum with 21 ft. of hose, a blower function, cord storage, hose storage, and accessory storage. It’s the only garage vac with a remote power switch on the cleaning end: you can turn it on and off from the handle. You can turn it on and off 21 ft. away from the motor, instead of walking back and forth to the motor. It’s very highly rated and well-liked, and it’s the one I bought for my garage. Check out the latest price on Amazon.

DeWalt DXV06P Vacuum with wheelsDeWalt DXV06P

The DeWalt is a solid, bright yellow garage vacuum that fell short of the VacMaster VWM510 rating. It has a short 7 ft. hose and does not come with a wall mount. It does have a blower, cord rack, hose rack and wheels. It’s a solid little vacuum if you don’t need a longer hose and the wall mounting bracket. Learn more about the DeWalt DXV06P on Amazon.

VacuMaid GV50ProVacuMaid GV50PRO

The VacuMaid is a commercial grade wall-mounted garage vacuum It comes with 50 ft. of hose, a hose rack and cord storage. But it’s not a wet vac and doesn’t have wheels. So this is a solidly built vacuum cleaner choice if you want a dry vacuum with a massive 50 ft. reach. Check out the GV50Pro on Amazon.


Ridgid VAC5000 Vacuum long hose

Ridgid VAC5000 Vacuum long hose

Ridgid VAC5000

The Ridgid VAC5000 is a close competitor to the VacMaster VWM510, but it’s more expensive and doesn’t come with wheels. It’s a wall-mounted wet-dry vacuum with a blower, cord storage and hose storage. It has 21 ft. of hose. Check out the VAC5000 on Amazon.

Garage Vacuums

The VacMaster VWM510 is a well-thought-out garage vacuum cleaner. If you have any doubts about which vacuum cleaner to buy, the VWM510 is hands-down the best vacuum cleaner for your garage.
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