The best garage ladder hook

Best Ladder Hooks

The best garage ladder hook

Best Garage Wall Ladder Hook

Art of Storage UH2000 hook carrying an A Frame ladder.

One thing I’ve found about ladder hooks is that a lot of them have quality issues with the rubber or plastic coating. The hooks themselves are usually strong enough. It’s just that the coating comes off, which leaves a cheap feeling all around.

I looked for three features in a proper ladder hook: a wide hook mouth; a decent load capacity; and a reputation for holding up through time and weather.

The Art of Storage UH2000 Hook has excellent load distribution properties.My favorite ladder hook is the Art of Storage UH2000 Utility Hook. This is the hook with really wide mouth and thick rubber coating that holds a ladder up to 50 lb.

Art of Storage UH2000 hook carrying a wheelbarrowThe UH2000 is super-wide, which adds to its strength. When a hook is too weak for the job, you need to use two hooks to balance the load. The UH2000 is 8 inches wide, which distributes the load over a much wider distance than a regularly-sized hook.

I’m also fond of the 30 lb. capacity Tornado Ladder Hook, but for the same money, I’d get the wider UH2000 with the higher load capacity. See the latest price on Amazon.

Proslat 13010 hooks

Proslat 13010 8 in. Double Hooks

Best Proslat Slatwall Ladder Hook

If you have the Proslat Slatwall garage organization system, you know that the system’s hooks are strong and reliable. The 8 inch Double Hook, for example, is made from heavy duty steel and is wrapped in a durable rubber coating. The Double Hook can carry 50 lb. It’s sold in 3-packs, so you can store a heavier ladder across two Double Hooks and have one to spare. This is the hook to use when storing your ladder on the Proslat slatwall system. Check the 3-pack price here.

Best Gladiator Slatwall Ladder Hooks

Ladder on the Big Hook

These hooks are locked into the Gladiator GearTrack. The ladder is hanging from the Deep Hook, which is a great hook up to 30 lb.

I love the Gladiator slatwall tracks and wall panels. Use any of four of their hooks to store your ladder on your GearTrack or GearWall.

If you don’t know about Gladiator, you start out with tracks or wall panels. You then put locking hooks anywhere along the wall. If you want to move a hook, you unlock it, move it and lock it again. Takes about 5 seconds.

The Utility Hook, the Dual Hook, and the Big Hook all carry 50 lb. The Deep Hook carries 30 lb. All four hooks lock securely into the wall channel, and have meaty surface areas to hold the ladder.

If you’re just getting started with Gladiator, get a package of GearTracks and the Big Hook for vertical ladder storage, or two Big Hooks for horizontal ladder storage.

The Gladiator Utility Hook


Utility Hook

The Utility Hook is 3.75 in. W  x 5.75 in. H x 4.5 in. D. This hook hangs ladders, wheelbarrows and string trimmers. The Utility Hook distributes the load weight across two surfaces and a tall spine. Use two Utility Hooks for horizontal ladder storage, or one Utility Hook for vertical storage up to 50 lb. Get the latest Gladiator Utility Hook price.

Gladiator Dual Hook

Gladiator Dual Hook

The Gladiator Dual Hook

The Dual Hook is 10.75 in. W x 5.75 in. H x 2.75 in. D.  It’s especially good for bulky gas-powered equipment like string trimmers and edgers. The Dual Hook spreads the weight loads across a huge (10.75 in.) area. Using two of these gives you a very steady horizontal ladder hanging on four hooks. Hang up to 50 lb. on one Dual Hook.  Get the latest Dual Hook price.

The Gladiator Big Hook

Gladiator Big Hook

Gladiator Big Hook

The Big Hook is 4 in. W x 7.5 in. H x 7 in. D. The Big Hook has both huge depth and a tall spine to spread the weight it’s carrying. Use two Big Hooks to balance the ladder horizontally on four surfaces total. Hang up to 50 lb. on one Big Hook.  Check the latest Big Hook price.

Gladiator Deep Hook

Gladiator Deep Hook

The Gladiator Deep Hook

I like the deep hook for hoses and ladders because it has a wide carrying shape. Just be aware that the Deep Hook carries 30 lb., not 50 lb. like the other Gladiator hooks we’ve discussed so far. The Deep Hook is 7.5 in. wide and 11 in. deep, which adds massive holding capacity to its sturdy body. It’s great for holding ladders, sawhorses, canoes, snowboards and other long gear. Check the latest Deep Hook price.



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