The best garage floor door seal

Best Garage Door Bottom Seal

The best garage floor door sealThere are two kinds of Garage door bottom seal: those that attach to the floor, and those that attach to the door bottom. A mis-aligned garage door will allow air and the environment to seep inside. Often a garage door threshold seal (that attaches to the door) will seal this gap. For tougher gaps, get the Universal Garage Door Seal from Vat Industries. It’s a remarkably sturdy piece of rubber that seals even huge garage door-floor gaps.

The Best Garage Door Threshold Seal

M-D Building Garage Door BottomThe best garage door threshold seal is the M-D Building Products 18 ft.  Garage Door Bottom. This rubber seal attaches to the bottom of the garage door using the included screws. There are no pre-drilled holes. The included screws are self-tapping, meaning they drill their own holes. Position where you want them and screw the rubber to the bottom of the door. The M-D Garage Door Bottom seals out bugs, air, drafts, snow and rain. Can be used on aluminum, steel and wood doors. With wood doors, though, you might want to supplement this seal with some caulk. Get the M-D seal on Amazon.

Loobani garage door sealThe M-D (above) is a good rubber product that provides a tight seal. While installation will be easy for DIYers, it might not be so easy for everyone else. So if you want an easy-to-install garage door threshold seal, get the Loobani Garage Door Bottom Seal from Loobani. It slides over the door threshold, works very well, and requires no tools to install. Get the Universal Replacement Seal here.

Clopay garage door sealIf you are unsure about fit, then get the Clopay Garage Door Seal here. This seal fits the bottoms of doors manufactured by Amarr, Arm-R-Lite, CHI, Clopay, DBCI, Deldon, Gadco, Martin, Raynor, Richard Wilcox, and Safeway.  This seal fits all of these manufacturers’ doors. The seal will not lose its shape or degrade in cold weather. it’s a very soft rubber. It feels in gaps created by uneven floors.

The Best Garage Floor Threshold Seal

Universal garage door sealThe best garage floor threshold seal is the Vat Industries Universal Garage Door Seal. Attach this rubber to the floor where the floor and door meet. It will yield to the force of the garage door closing on it, then bounce back when the garage door is open. The Vat seal is more expensive than other seals, but it’s also the last threshold seal you’ll buy for years. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is the rubber seal that keeps out drafts, bugs, grass and noise. It also stops wind, rain, dirt and leaves from entering the garage. Drive over it and slam the door onto it, normal wear and extreme temperatures just don’t affect it. That’s because it’s made of EPDM rubber, an especially strong yet yielding type of rubber. The only real-world danger to EPDM rubber is oils and solvents, but it has to be in sufficient quantity to affect your threshold seal. Unless you pour a can of gas on this threshold, it’s not going to budge. All of the door seals in your car are made out of EPDM, so this stuff has been tested around cars.

Buy the Vat Seal here.

How the Universal Seal worksVat Universal Garage Door Seal Fast Facts

  • Comes in 10 ft. and 20 ft. lengths
  • Is made of super-strong EPDM rubber
  • Protects the garage from wind, rain, snow, noise, bugs and dirt
  • Apply with Liquid Nails
  • Keeps your garage and house warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty (save your receipt!)

Buy the Vat Universal Garage Seal here.

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