The best drill mortar mixer

Best Power Drill Mortar Mixer

The best drill mortar mixer

Ready to fix that garage floor crack or low spot? You can mix the epoxy mortar by hand, but it’s a lot easier to use a power drill and mortar mixer. A mortar mixer is like an egg beater that uses the drill’s power to mix your patching material. The ABN Power Drill Mixer is the best drill-powered mortar mixer I can find. It’s the most highly-rated and also the least expensive drill mixer.

Use the ABN Power Drill Mixer to prepare mortar, epoxy, grout or joint compound. While you can use a paint stick to mix your driveway repair patch, the electric drill will create a much more unified mixture with no chunky spots to ruin your repair.

You do need a 1/2 in. drill for this mixer. If you have a 3/8 in. drill, get a 3/8-to-1/2 inch drill adapter here. Get the ABN Drill Mixer here.

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