The best polymerized concrete resurfacers

Best Polymerized Concrete Patcher

The best polymerized concrete resurfacers

You can fix spalling, pitting, cracks and low spots with polymerized concrete patchers.  Polymerized concrete is an epoxy concrete patching alternative that binds a concrete patch onto the damaged concrete area. Concrete will not stick to concrete, so the polymer performs the bond. Instead of mixing parts together, you just add water. But you do need to act quickly once you’ve added water to your polymerized concrete. It will harden in your bucket.

Best Polymerized Concrete Resurfacer for Cracks, Spalling, Pitting and Leveling Small Areas

Sakrete Top 'N BondSakrete Top ’n Bond Concrete Patcher is the best polymerized concrete low spot leveler, and crack, spalling and repair patch for small areas. You will apply it with a trowel. For larger areas, a squeegee polymer is easier. Use Flo-Coat for that, details are below.

Top ‘n Bond Concrete Patcher is a sand and concrete mixture that adheres to uneven surface areas. Mix with clean water and apply with a trowel. Top ‘n Bond repairs spalling up to 1.5 in. deep.

Unlike epoxy, which requires that you mix at least two materials together, Top ‘n Bond requires only water. Err on the side of mixing in too little water until you’re happy with the consistency. Carefully follow directions. As it is with epoxy, you have a very short bucket life before your patching material hardens. You have 20 minutes from mixing to feathering, so only mix what you can use.  Sakrete Top ‘N Bond is easy to apply and dries to a rock hard and level finish.

One 10 lb. pail covers 4 sf. at 1/4 inch depth. You can walk on it after one day, and drive on it after three days.

Sakrete Top ‘n Bond Fast Facts

  • Contains a precise mixture of sand and polymers to bond to your existing structure
  • It is easy to work with whether the patch is 1/2 in. deep or just a feather finish
  • Always err on the side of too little water in your mixture
  • Fixes low spots and cracks
  • Always prepare the surface properly before using any concrete patch

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Best Polymerized Concrete Resurfacer for Cracks, Spalling, Pitting and Leveling Large Areas

Pouring Flo-Coat from a pailSakrete Flo-Coat Concrete Surfacer is the best polymerized concrete patch for large areas of spalling, pitting, cracking and uneven areas. This flowing slush is especially appropriate for larger damage because you apply it with a push-broom squeegee rather than a hand-held trowel.

If you have any cracks that are 1/8 inch wide, mix a small portion with less water. Trowel this tougher mixture into the crack before using the looser mixture. When mixed with the correct (looser) ratio of water, Flo-Coat flows into the damaged area, covering it with a medium gray concrete bond.

Flo-Coat fixes cracks and damage up to 1/2 in. deep. At about 1/4 inch of layering, 20 lb. of Flo-Coat covers 9 sf. At about 1/16th inch per layer, 20 lb. will yield 36 sf. of coating.

You can add red or buff color pigment to your mixture. Apply when the temperature is between 50 and 90 deg. F.

Flo-Coat Fast Facts

  • Apply with a long-handle squeegee for large areas
  • Use when the temperature is between 50 and 90 deg. F.
  • Do NOT apply if you expect freezing weather in the next 48 hours
  • Optionally mix Flow-Coat with red or buff pigments
  • 20 lb. yields 9 sf. to 36 sf. coverage
  • Walk on Flo-Coat after 4 hours unless the weather is cold or wet; then it will take longer
  • Use a drill mixer tool to get the right consistency
  • Do not allow the mixture to get “soupy”
  • If the weather is very hot, use very cold water to mix; if the weather is very cold, use hot water to mix
  • Cover the patch with plastic for 48 hours; if surface dries under the plastic, then remove the plastic, water with a hose, and replace the plastic

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