The best non-acid concrete etcher

Best Non-Acid Concrete Etcher

The best non-acid concrete etcherEtching the garage floor ensures it will most readily accept paints, stains and sealants. Etching is also a time-honored method to even out garage floor low spots. This used to be done with acid, but that had hazardous downsides. Rust-Oleum Clean & Etch does everything muriatic acid does, without the fumes or burning. This is the acid-substitute etching product that has no odors, no acid, and no dangerous chemicals. It does not need to be diluted after application the way acid does. It’s harmless to plants, pets and kids. This bottle will treat up to 500 square feet of garage floor. While you don’t need to neutralize acid after application, you should rinse the floor three times to ensure no product is still etching your concrete.

Wearing rubber gloves and goggles, dilute the solution into a watering can. Use the watering can to apply Clean & Etch to your garage floor. It will start working right away. You’ll hear it fizz. Use a big fluffy long-handled brush to work the product into the floor. Rinse three times, then squeegee off excess liquid. Get a bottle of Clean & Etch here.

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