The best garage electric winch

Best Ceiling Hoist Winch

The best garage electric winch

While there are pulleys specifically designed to pull your bike (or other garage storage object) to the ceiling, none of them are safe. Frankly, most winches aren’t that great either.

You would think the liability overhead storage presents would motivate manufacturers to over-engineer their ceiling storage products. But it doesn’t, for the most part.

Lift a bike on the Partsam 1320 winch hook

The one shining exception I found is the Partsam 1320 Winch. This is the winch that is smart enough to shut itself off if its cable twists or it reaches maximum height. It can lift 660 lb. on one cable, and 1320 lb. on two cables. It also has a panic button to Stop! on demand.

The Partsam winch comes with 3 ft. and 6 ft. straps to wrap your cargo.  You can wrap the bike in the straps to lift. But I’m going to suggest that you add a bar and two straps to the picture to make the whole thing much more stable.

Don’t lift the bike. Lift the bar that lifts the bike. This will be much more balanced.

To avoid an unstable cargo, use the winch to lift a bar instead of your bike. Hook your bike to the bar

Hoist ladder bar

Hoist ladder bar

in two places. Now you have a balanced load.

To use the winch as bike storage, you just don’t unload the bike once it’s up at the ceiling. The winch has a brake. It will lock the cable wherever you leave it. Lift the bike to the desired height. Tell the winch to stop moving. It will brake. Then turn off the power.

I chose the Partsam 1320 for my own garage. For storing bikes, you could go with the smallest winch, the Partsam 220 (which lifts 110 lbs. on one cable, or 220 lb. on two cables).  Choose from the following sizes and check the prices at these links too:

  • Partsam winch heavy duty cables

    Partsam winch heavy duty cables

    Partsam 220 lifts 220 lbs.

  • Partsam 440 lifts 440 lbs.
  • Partsam 880 lifts 880 lbs.
  • Partsam 1100 lifts 1,100 lbs.
  • Partsam 1320 lifts 1,320 lbs.
  • Partsam 1540 lifts 1,540 lbs.
  • Partsam 1760 lifts 1,760 lbs.
  • Partsam 2200 lifts 2,200 lbs.



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