The Best Garage Project Safety Gear

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Because the Minor Inconvenience of Googles is Worth Saving Your Eyesight

Our Favorite Ventilated Safety Goggles

The best ventilated safety goggles

The best ventilated safety goggles case
The best ventilated safety goggles case

The best safety goggles are the DeWalt DPG82’s. These are the goggles with ventilation channels, soft rubber and tough lenses.

The ventilation helps to reduce the fog and gives your eyes some fresh air. The rubber conforms to your face, which keeps debris out of the mask.

The lens is treated with both anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

You can wear these goggles over your regular glasses. They provide protection from splashing and flying debris. The DeWalt DPG82 goggles are ANSI and OSHA approved. Check out the latest price here.
Best Safety Gear

Get the hard storage case designed just for these goggles, too, to protect the goggles that protect your eyes.

Our Favorite Gloves for Angle Grinding and Cutting

The best safety gloves for cutting

Should you decide you are up to the task of safely using an angle grinder to repair your garage floor low spots, you’ll need to wear safety goggles and gloves.

Ninja makes the best gloves to protect your hands when using sharp objects. These are the gloves that protect your hands from sharp moving objects while still offering you comfort and flexibility.

These gloves are worn by blacksmiths, mechanics and welders while using dangerous tools.

The Ninja are our favorite gloves, but size might be a problem for you. This pair is a snug size Large. If that won’t work for you, the Golden Scute gloves come in four sizes and provide excellent protection from sharp objects.

Get the Ninja gloves here and the Golden Scute gloves here.