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None of the manual bike pulleys I've analyzed are safe. NOT recommended
The is one of the “do not buy” pulleys but it’s posted here so you can see how a bike pulley will look in your garage. Store Your Board is designed to lift kayaks and ladders. It will work fine for lifting bicycles.

We have a “Do Not Buy” rating on almost every ceiling pulley we’ve examined.

After writing the Bike Storage article, we found two well-engineered ceiling pulleys. The Floatherhoist BA1 has been out of stuck for months, which leaves us with one outstanding pulley you can still buy to store your bike or ladder.

The Store Your Board Hi-Lift is designed to store kayaks and ladders. Bicycles are lighter weight and so should be no problem for the Hi-Lift pulley.

StoreYourBoard garage ladder storage hoist pulley
The Store Your Board Hi-Lift pulling a ladder toward the ceiling.

The best pulley specifically engineered to store ladders is the Store Your Board Hi-Lift Ceiling Hoist. Store Your Board is a solid brand that also makes the best ceiling rack for kayaks and ladders.

When you store the ladder on a ceiling rack, you need a way to get the ladder down. You need a step ladder (at least) to get the ceiling ladder down from its storage rack. But a pulley brings the ladder to you via the magic of a simple rope and wheel system.

32 ft. Louisville Ladder
32 ft. Louisville Ladder

Always determine your ceiling’s maximum load before storing anything from the joists. The Store Your Board Hi-Lift Hoist stores up to 60 lb. So the largest ladder you would store using this pulley would look like this Louisville 32 ft. extension ladder, which weighs 59 lb.

The Hi-Loft is the best pulley, but it’s not perfect. The instructions could be better. You can safely store the maximum 60 lb., but it will be a bit tough to pull the rope at max load.

But if you’re looking for a ladder ceiling hoist, this is the safest and best designed. Check the latest price on Amazon.

StoreYourBoard Ladder Ceiling Storage Hoist,...
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StoreYourBoard Ladder Ceiling Storage Hoist,...
  • HEAVY DUTY STORAGE SYSTEM: store your ladders with ease and with a feeling of security
  • ANY LADDER: adjustable straps fit all widths and lengths of ladders up to 60 lbs
  • SPACE SAVER SOLUTION: Get organized by hanging and storing your ladders in your overhead space at home or in your garage
  • EASY LIFT WITH LOCKING MECHANISM: hold straps and ladders tightly in place, allowing for safe and secure storage, and easy to lift so anyone can stow equipment
  • EXCLUSIVE PATENT PENDING DESIGN: built to hold your ladders and built to last!

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