The Best Ceiling Hoist Winch

Hook a bar to the Partsam 1320 electric ceiling winch, then attach your bike or ladder to the bar.

You’ll get stability as well as a reasonably priced high quality winch which in my opinion is 10x safer than any “bike winch.”

Best garage winchRather than getting a dedicated bike or ladder winch, I prefer to get an over-engineered regular-old “winch,” not necessarily dedicated to storing any one garage item.

The Partsam winch
The Partsam winch
Hoist ladder bar
Attach a long bar to the winch, then attach your ladder to the bar.

Don’t screw around with overhead storage! Know your ceiling weight capacity, and only buy the highest-rated ceiling storage devices!

Don't lift the bike. Lift the bar.
Don’t lift the bike. Lift the bar that lifts the bike. This will be much more balanced.

Behold the Partsam 1320 Winch. This is the winch that is smart enough to shut itself off if its cable twists or it reaches maximum height. It can lift 660 lb. on one cable, and 1320 lb. on two cables. It has a panic button to Stop! on demand.

The Partsam winch comes with 3 ft. and 6 ft. straps to wrap your cargo.  You can wrap the bike in the straps to lift. But I’m going to suggest that you add a bar and two straps to the bike or ladder storage solution, to make the whole thing much more stable.

To avoid an unstable cargo, use the winch to lift a bar instead of your bike. Hook your bike to the bar in two places. Now you have a balanced load.

Once the cargo is at the desired height, set the cable break and voila, you now have motorized ceiling storage. The break locks the cable at your desired height. Then turn off the power.

I chose the Partsam 1320 for my own garage. It lifts 660 lb. on one cable, and it lifts 1320 lb. on two cables.

You could go with the smallest winch for storing bikes and ladders. The Partsam 440 winch lifts up to 440 lb. on two cables.

Choose from the following sizes and check the prices at these links too:

  • Partsam 440 lifts 440 lbs.
  • Partsam 880 lifts 880 lbs.
  • Partsam 1100 lifts 1,100 lbs.
  • Partsam 1320 lifts 1,320 lbs.
  • Partsam 1540 lifts 1,540 lbs.
  • Partsam 1760 lifts 1,760 lbs.
The Partsam Electric Hoist Crane
The Partsam Electric Hoist Crane
Partsam 1320 Winch
Partsam 1320 Winch
Partsam 1320lb winch
Partsam 1320lb winch parts

The Partsam 1320 Electric Winch lifts 1,320 lb. at 16 ft. per minute, up to 19 ft. high. Plug it into a household electrical outlet. The remote control cord is 5 ft. long. The package includes a 3 ft. and 5.5 ft. nylon straps.