The 7 Best Ways to Store Your Bicycles

Best bike storageWe went into fantastic detail on each of these ways we found to store our family’s bicycles. Check out that article here.

Below are our top picks for the best bicycle storage ideas, including the best ceiling hook, wall hook, bike shed, outdoor bike cover, floor stand, vertical stand, kids’ kickstand, adults’ kickstand, and bike wall mounts for fat tires, fenders and regular bikes.

Sometimes a combination of bike storage methods works best. Little ones can use kickstands, and everyone else can use off-floor or shed storage.

Bonus! We found a bike rack that respects wide handlebars. Scroll to the bottom for our Best Bike Storage Idea #8.

The Best Bike Ceiling Hook

How the Gladiator Claw holds a bike tire
How the Gladiator Claw holds a bike tire

Gladiator makes the best garage slatwall organization system. But you don’t need their wall storage system to store your bicycle on their Advanced Bike Claw. Install this insanely well-engineered bike hook directly into a ceiling joist. The Advanced Bike Hook opens and closes around tires up to 3 in. wide. It safely supports up to 50 lb. Check out this well-designed and engineered bike Advanced Bike Hook on Amazon.

Gladiator Advanced Bike Hook

  • Installs in ceiling joist or onto Gladiator Wall Storage system
  • Holds tires up to 3 in. wide
  • Supports bikes up to 50 lb.
  • Check latest price on Amazon

The Best Bike Wall Hook

If you’re storing several bikes or just want some good rubber-coated screw-in hooks, I really like the Richohome Heavy Duty Bike Hangers. This is about the cheapest way to get bicycles off the garage floor. This one package of gets you 8 hooks. They are 6 in. long by 2.6 in. wide. Do check that your bike tires and rims will fit in this hook before installing. These are overall good garage organization hooks that hold up to 100 lb. each. Check out the Richohome Heavy Duty Hooks on Amazon.

Ricohome Bike Hangers

Richohome Ceiling Bike Hooks
Richohome Bike Hooks
  • 8 hooks per package
  • 6 in. long
  • Holds tires up to 2.6 in. wide
  • Holds bikes up to 100 lb.
  • Check the latest price on Amazon

The Best Bike Shed

This is the Suncast bike shed with 5 ft. wide doors, steel-reinforced double-wall resin walls, and 378 cu. ft. capacity. The resin construction is easy to clean, never rusts and requires no maintenance. Four skylights allow in natural daylight. The floor is 8 ft. wide x 7 ft. deep. There’s plenty of room for the kids to park their bikes, and to retrieve them again. Use kickstands or floor stands for the kids’ bikes. If you have a huge stable of bicycles, consider using wall mounts like this one. You do need a flat dry surface such as one made with concrete patio blocks. View the shed on Amazon.


Suncast Tremont Bike Shed

Suncast Tremond Shed
Suncast Tremont Shed (recommended)
  • This shed offers a huge 378 cu. ft. capacity
  • The door is 5 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall.
  • The resin is steel-reinforced
  • It comes with 2 corner shelves and four skylights
  • Walls are UV and water resistant
  • Not just for bikes: this is an excellent garden shed great for storing ladders, bikes, rakes, tractors and trimmers
  • Check the latest price on Amazon.

The Best Outdoor Bike Cover

Not all bike covers protect children’s bikes, but this one does. The YardStash cover’s drawstring and extra wide size ensures you can cover and protect children’s bikes from the weather. This cover has both drawstrings and a buckle to seal off open areas.


The YardStash XL is 82 inches (6.8 ft.) wide, 30 in. (2.5 ft.) deep and 44 inches (3.6 ft.) tall.  There’s room for two or three kids’ bikes under this cover, depending on the bikes’ dimensions.

This is the bike cover with multiple strategically places security holes to pass through U-Locks or security cables. Plastic breaks down in sunlight, so the YardStash is UV protected.  The huge cover folds down into a carrying pouch which is included.

If the XL isn’t large enough, YardStash also makes an XXL which is 42 in. instead of 30 in. deep. Check out the latest prices on Amazon for the XL or XXL bike covers.

The YardStash XL and XXL Bike Cover:

YardStash bike cover (recommended)
YardStash bike cover (recommended)
  • XL is 6.8 ft. wide x 2.5 ft. deep x 3.6 ft. tall
  • XXL is 6.8 ft. wide x 3.6 ft. deep x 3.6 ft. all
  • Covers up to three kids’ bikes
  • Pass U-locks or security cables through security holes
  • UV-protected
  • Folds down to a carrying pouch
  • Check out the XL and XXL YardStash bike covers on Amazon

The Best Bicycle Floor Stand

Delta floor stand
Delta floor stand (recommended)

This is the kid-friendly Delta Cycle Floor Stand that keeps both tires on the floor.  Some stands are too difficult for kids to use, because they require that one of the tires to hang off the ground. That design is too difficult for children to use.

The Delta Cycle Floor Stand works with any kid’s bike, even with fat tires, disc brakes or fenders.  It’s a sturdy floor structure that adapts up to 8 in. wide. It’s easy to access. Should you see the need to move the bike around fairly often, there’s a Delta Floor Stand model that includes its own wheels. Check out the Delta Floor Stand on Amazon.

  • The Delta Floor Bike Stand
  • Easy for smaller kids to use
  • Holds fat tires (up to 8 in. wide)
  • Easy to access
  • Also comes with wheels for easy movement
  • Check out the latest price on Amazon

The Best Vertical Bike Stand

The Delta Bike Floor Stand (above) is great for adults’ bikes, too. But if you’re looking to save some valuable garage floor space, then you will do better with a vertical bike floor stand. It’s too hard for kid’s to pick up their bikes, so this one is meant only for the bigger kids and the adults.

The Feedback Sports Velo Stand is a space saver bike stand that works with all size bicycles. It will work even if the bike has disc breaks, fenders and fat tires. This is the stable and sturdy bike floor stand that holds two bicycles in the space of one. There is no installation and it’s a freestanding design. The maximum weight limit is 80 lb. The arms are adjustable. There’s a soft rubber coating where the bike frame meets the holding arms. The Velo floor stand comes in black and silver. Check out the latest price here.

The Feedback Sports Velo Vertical Bike Stand

Feedback Sports Velo Vertical Floor Stand
Feedback Sports Velo Vertical Floor Stand
  • Gets bikes off the floor
  • Works with any bike size
  • Works with any bike tire
  • Works with bike fenders
  • Holds two bikes in the space of one
  • No installation required
  • Holds up to 80 lb.
  • Arms are adjustable
  • Arms coated with soft rubber
  • Check out the latest price on Amazon

The Best Kid’s Bicycle Kickstand

Kids outgrow everything we give them, so it’s a nice feature when you can get something that grows with them. The Raskullz bike kickstand is adjustable from 12 to 20 inches. As your child and your child’s bike grow, push a button on the kickstand to increase its length. This kickstand is hefty, has a gripping rubber foot, and it comes in three colors: black, lime green and mint/pink. The lime and mint have a nice retro feel to them. Check out the latest price on Amazon.

The Raskullz Kid’s Bike Kickstand

Raskullz Kids Bike Kickstand
Best Kid’s Bike Kickstand (recommended)
  • Adjusts from 12 to 20 inches long
  • Simple push button mechanism to change length
  • Hefty construction
  • Rubber grip foot
  • Check out the latest price on Amazon

The Best Adult’s Bicycle Stand

For a reasonably priced adult’s bike kickstand that’s packed with thoughtful features, you can’t go wrong with the BV Adjustable Bike Kickstand. This is the kickstand that works for 24 in. to 29 in. bicycles. You lift a latch to allow the kickstand to glide up or down to your desired height. Close the latch to lock the kickstand height into place. The foot is coated with a non-slip coating. The kickstand won’t slip or sink. Check out the BV kickstand here.

Check out the BV KA76 adult’s bike kickstand on Amazon.

The BV Adjustable Bike Kickstand

BV Kickstand for adult bikes (recommended)
BV Kickstand for adult bikes (recommended)
  • Works with bikes 24 in. to 29 in.
  • Simple latch to change lengths
  • No tools required
  • Height locks into place
  • Non-slip coating foot grip
  • Non-sinking, non-slipping
  • Check out the latest price on Amazon.

The Best Bicycle Wall Mount

Steadyrack classic wall bike rack
Steadyrack Classic  wall bike rack (recommended)

Nothing can take up garage floor space like a bicycle. Wall stands get the bikes off the floor. It can be difficult to find a wall stand that properly holds onto a bike, though. The reason is that fenders, disc brakes and fat tires change the width of what we’re asking the wall stand to hold. Rather than compromise on grip, Steadyrack offers three different wall stands: the Fat Rack, the Classic Rack, and the Fender Rack.

With any rack, you need to leave space on the floor to get the bike down. Steadyrack minimizes the floor space you need to allocate by allowing you to push the bikes toward the walls. Just as thoughtfully, the rack swings toward the wall when not in use. This is highly preferable to a non-swinging rack that you walk into once in a while. Each rack holds one bike up to 75 lb.  This is really an adult bike organizer since a  littler kid would not be able to lift their front tire into the rack.

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The Fat Rack holds bikes 20 in. to 29 in., with a 3 to 5 in. width. The Classic Rack and Fender Rack hold bikes 20 in. to 29 in., and up to a 2.4 in. width. Check out the latest prices: Fat Rack, Classic Rack, and Fender Rack.

The Steadyrack “Fat Rack” for Fat Tires Wall Mount

Steadyrack Wall Bike Storage Fat Tire
Steadyrack “Fat Tire” Rack
  • Holds bikes 20 in. to 29 in.
  • Holds fat tires up to 5 in. wide
  • Holds bikes up to 75 lb.
  • Swing bikes toward wall, out of the way
  • Check the latest price on Amazon

The Classic Rack Wall Mount

Steadyrack Classic Bike Mount
Steadyrack Classic Bike Mount
  • Specifically for bikes with fenders
  • Holds bikes 20 in. to 29 in.
  • Holds fat tires up to 2.4 in. wide
  • Holds bikes up to 75 lb.
  • Swing bikes toward wall, out of the way
  • Check the latest price on Amazon

The Fender Rack for Fender Tires Wall Mount

Bike tire width, disc brakes and fenders affect storage choices
Steadyrack Fender Wall Rack
  • Holds bikes 20 in. to 29 in.
  • Holds fat tires up to 5 in. wide
  • Holds bikes up to 75 lb.
  • Swing bikes toward wall, out of the way
  • Check the latest price on Amazon

Bonus! A Bike Wall Rack that Respects Wide Handlebars

How annoying is it when handlebars get interlinked? Annoying! If you have different size bikes to park and want to avoid the Handlebar Tango, get this StoreYourBoard Omni Rack adjustable bike rack.

The Omni holds five bicycles up to a 200 lb. maximum. It parks ANY kind of bike including fat tires, fenders, mountain bikes and disc brakes. Adjust the locking pins to give your bike more room or less.  The rack is 46 in. long. The arms are rubber-coated to protect the bike tires.

The StoreYourBoard Omni Bike Rack

Store Your Board Bike Rack
Store Your Board Adjustable Bike Rack
  • Adjust how much space each bike gets
  • 46 in. wide rack
  • Room for five bikes
  • Holds up to 200 lb.
  • Holds fat tires, fenders, mountain bikes and disc brakes.
  • Rubber coated arms
  • Check out the latest price on Amazon