Wrap-It Storage

Wrap-It Storage Strap

Wrap-It is a set of hook and loop straps that hold extension cords, cables, ropes, pool hoses, vacuum hoses and wires. Use the grommet to hang the payload on a hook. Comes 10 to a pack: 2 small, 2 medium, 3 large and 3 extra large. These are made of 900 denier ballistic nylon, which is a very strong weave suitable for use outdoors. The medium weight Wrap-It holds 50 lb.  The easy-open tab makes it convenient to pull apart to use on other garage items.

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The StoreYourBoard ceiling rack holding two ladders

The Best Portable Sports Ball Storage

This sports gear and ball bag easily stores on a garage shelf or hangs from a pegboard or slatwall hook. One of the best portable sports ball storage bags I’ve found is the Fitdom Heavy Duty XL Ball Bag. I wish I could find a gym bag that stands as nicely as this container does. The upright stance and open mouth make it much easier to load and unload gear, compared to those bags that flop over. The firm sides keep the balls from falling out, too.

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