What is a Concrete Floor Densifying Sealer?

Concrete expansion joint

Best Garage Floor Concrete Densifying Sealer An untreated garage floor is vulnerable to road salts, oil stains and leaked fluids. Salt and excess water exposure leads to damage such as spalling and pitting. Besides, untreated floors generate a ton of dust, which you track into the house. If left untreated your garage floor is vulnerable to road … Read more

Can You Leave Extension Cords Outside?

An outdoor extension cord is highly resistant to weather, but it’s not going to last forever in snow, ice, rain, and wind. Outdoor cords do withstand these elements for years, but will eventually win out over the cord’s strength. Use an outdoor extension cord for as long as you need it. When you’re done with it, bring it back to a warm, dry place.

The Best Outdoor Extension Cord

You have to go with the Watt’s Wire family of outdoor extension cords for durability and longevity. The 25 ft., 50 ft. and 100 ft. versions have the same rugged features their only differences being their cord lengths.

Ladder Storage

Recommended Ladders

Hang your ladder on a wall hook or a ceiling hook. Get a garage wall organization system with a ladder hook. Put the ladder on the ceiling.

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The Best Garage Ladder

For uneven ground, you have to get the ladder with the locking ratches in the legs. These allow you to compensate for uneven ground, so they keep the ladder steady.

Bicycle Storage

Reboot My Bicycle Storage

Kickstands, wall mounts, and ceilling winches are just three of the many ways you can store your family’s bicycles. Learn more here.

The Best Garage Lights

Calculate how many lamps you need for your space. The Sunco LED shop lights are just about perfect for the garage. They use only 40 watts, but they give off the brightness of a 260 watt incandescent bulb. They shine at 5,000 K, and give off 4,000 lumens (brightness).

The Best Outdoor Hose Hook

For good hose storage, you want to know: the load capacity, because hoses get very heavy, especially with water in them; the depth of the rolled up hose, so that the hook is wide enough to carry it; the hook’s weather resistance, so you get one that doesn’t rust.

How Do You Fix Garage Floor Spalling and Pitting?

How do you fix concrete garage floor spalling and pitting? Test for and remove weakened adjacent areas; clean and prepare the surface to be repaired; and patch the area with an epoxy-based topping. Before fixing the problem, though, check for serious moisture or structural issues that would require professional help to fix.

Unboxing My New VacMaster Wall-Mounted, Wet-Dry Garage Vac

Is the VWM510 as good a vacuum cleaner as my research led me to believe? The unboxing, assembly and installation were incredibly easy. The on-board accessory storage is clever. The machine hangs neatly on the wall, but I can also use the wheels. I have 21 ft. of cord (which might be shorter than I thought) and a remote on-off switch.

About Reboot My Garage

About Reboot My Garage

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The Best Portable Sports Ball Storage

This sports gear and ball bag easily stores on a garage shelf or hangs from a pegboard or slatwall hook. One of the best portable sports ball storage bags I’ve found is the Fitdom Heavy Duty XL Ball Bag. I wish I could find a gym bag that stands as nicely as this container does. The upright stance and open mouth make it much easier to load and unload gear, compared to those bags that flop over. The firm sides keep the balls from falling out, too.

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